Gerry Adams, Sinn Fein President, Dark Secrets of Peace Hero

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    theirishobserver.posted 7 years ago

    Gerry Adams, Sinn Fein President whom Brendan Hughes says ordered the murder of innocent Mother of ten children, Jean McConville.

    Gerry Adams has been forced to admit that he concealed the sexual abuse and rape of several children, including the Rape of his 4 year old niece Aine Tyrrell.

    Gerry Adams, Dark Secrets of Peace Hero

    This week as Gerry Adams slipped around Dundalk in County Louth in his very comfortable hush puppy shoes, and his less comfortable bestowed British Title Baron Adams of Northstead, Gerry Adams meet with some brutal honesty in Louth as good people closed the door in his face and others told him bluntly:

    “You helped your brother Liam to set up home in this town when you knew he had raped his 4 year-old daughter Aine, may God forgive you”.

    However, Lord Adams was not to be deterred and took time out for well choreographed media interviews, mainstream media often happy to take their directions from the provo organisers simply fell in to line and Lord Adams answered their pre-arranged questions. Lord Adams told the media that he had not known that he would be bestowed with a British Title, however, that is the equivalent of saying a worker did not know that they were entitled to redundancy.

    Only a few short months ago Gerry Adams was forced to admit publicly that he had concealed the Rape of his 4 year old niece Aine and he was further forced to admit that he had given his father Gerry Adams Snr a full republican funeral when he had known that Gerry Snr had molested a number of Gerry’s own siblings. This crime against humanity would not have been so grevious if Adams and his mouth-piece puppets in An Phoblacht had not regularly made public pronouncements against people engaging in sexual crime and who had been brought before the courts.

    In 2010 the Brendan Hughes interviews exposed the fact that Gerry Adams had sanctioned the cold blooded and cowardly murder of innocent Catholic Mother of Ten Jean Mc Conville who had been kidnapped, tortured and murdered by criminals under the command of Gerry Adams at that time, and her body buried in County Louth, so that the stain of criminality would rest on the shoulders of the good people of Louth rather than the criminals in west Belfast.

    Several weeks ago The Irish Observer exposed the fact that Sinn Fein representatives had held secret meetings with ‘dissident’ terrorists in County Louth in order to gain safe passage for Gerry Adams to run in the Louth constituency. The ‘dissidents’ told Gerry Adams that he would have no problems from them as after all they all had the one objective, just different tactics.

    It is amazing that since the Omagh Bomb Sinn Fein have been so public at distancing themselves from the ‘dissidents’ yet behind closed doors deals are being done. North Louth is the strong hold of ‘dissident’ terrorists, yet not as much as a whimper as Lord Adams asks the good people of Louth for their vote so that Lord Adams can have a pension from both the British and Irish parliaments.

    Gerry Adams, heralded by many vested interests as a Peace Hero has many Dark Secrets, however, anyone who is not too bothered about child rape and the murder of innocent women should give him a vote.

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    CMHypnoposted 7 years ago

    Giving a man like Gerry Adams a title, just shows what a nasty and corrupt little world we live in?

    Also why would he accept a title from the British government - I thought he hated them?