what do you do when the mother of the pedofile discredits victims

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  1. profile image51
    dpsychoposted 7 years ago

    When my dtr first made the alligations, my mother inlaw went right to work digging into my history, told family friends my father molested me which is a lie and put hidden cameras in my home and wire taps. She forged court documents and got away with it and changed photos to make me look like I was doing stuff i didn't do, thn since they (my boyfriend she paid to help her, they had 4+yrs of my phone conversations which they no doubt edited too. All this info they made up and gave to all the court advocates, the lawyers, the police, my physician, my dentist, my chiropractor and the catholic church. Now everyone thinks I'm not worth living and that my dtr made up the sexual abuse. They made it so i couldn't see my children and turned my whole life history into a lie.I've had a few domestic disturbances and each time the cops give the info on my file to the abusor so he abuses even more cuz he knows how to make me crak up.Since my childhood abusors were contacted by them aas well they told me that if i ever spoke of the abuse, they would make me look crazy like on the old alfred hitchcock programs. Where the innocent victim is driven nuts and put in an assylum. I believe that since I spoke about this over the phone,this is where they got the idea to make my family and especially me look psycho, and an alcoholic drug addicted pathological liar. When the truth is, she didn't want anyone to know her family isn't perfect, but it's ok to ruin mines.Nobody will believe me, she even has it so the only counsel i can get is where all the receptionists are friends of hers as well as one of these so called professionals working there.How do prove yourself sane hen nobody will even send the pictures and converations to forensics, they would just rather believe this of me than that she could be so heartless. I gave up my children, not just because I couldn't afford to have them but I wanted the bs to stop so i gave them up and yet they still went for my jugular.Lawyers need a lawer to prosecute them when they do illegal things, mine gave  my files to her for 2 weeks before giving me my files.Nobody will give me copies or even let me see what the info is but it has to be real bad.My boyfriend got me to do things i said i'd never do then on camera yet so he tied in my conversations with him getting me to do this stuff to prove me a liar.He even stole my late brothrs guitar, made it look like his by buying a smaller guitar and put the reciept in my name.He sold it or gave it to this girl that lives in ont.I am in duncan.He has pics of her playing my guitar in my bedroom yet i never had her over so now i am a liar cuz he lied about my guitar. »I want all these people charged,it`s like he ran a crack house out of my home while i was is school.Framed me so good the priests won`t even call me back.All anyone needs to do is track who gave out the bad info and link her emails to everyone I had relationships with including my old bosses.I believe she was telling them what to do to keep her bad info flowing.If they can do all this against me then who else are they doing this to that don`t even realize it.Im not worth the truth to come out and it`s frustrating. I have the harddrive of an x that was feeding her bad info and to the police in 2005 to 2011.He wanted to burn it, I believe it has info that would help but as i say i can`t get a lawyer to even talk to me and if they do, they cop and attitude and talk roughly to me.I tried to hire a private investigator once and they read my file and dumped me.I have been slandered in the worst of ways and when i die for all history this will be in my family  so thatn for eternity my family will be mislabeled.Death would have been far less tragic.

  2. profile image0
    ryankettposted 7 years ago

    I'm not reading that. Learn how to use the space bar to create small paragraphs, and I will reconsider.

    1. Jim Hunter profile image62
      Jim Hunterposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I'm sure the author is broke up by your refusal to read.

      1. profile image0
        ryankettposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        What did you make of it then Jim? I'm looking forward to seeing your comprehensive answer to the question posed by this "author".

        1. Jim Hunter profile image62
          Jim Hunterposted 7 years agoin reply to this

          "I'm looking forward to seeing your comprehensive answer to the question posed by this "author"."

          I know that you are.


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