The absurdity of war

  1. kerryg profile image89
    kerrygposted 6 years ago

    "Since 2001, the U.S. has spent nearly $400 billion waging war on Afghanistan, a country with an annual gross domestic product of $30 billion--and that's a bargain compared to the nearly $800 billion spent on invading and occupying Iraq since 2003. Meanwhile, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is stripping public-sector unions of collective bargaining rights and attacking workers' compensation to save about $150 million--roughly 0.03 percent of war spending in Afghanistan."

    "Meanwhile, Democrats and Republicans are debating how to address the ballooning federal debt. Both parties are agreed on carrying out massive cuts in federal spending that will hurt the most vulnerable in society--the only difference between them is how far to go."

    "But neither will consider a significant reduction in military spending, even though just a 30 percent decrease in the Pentagon budget would save more than $2 trillion over the next decade, and still leave spending on the means of destruction almost 20 percent higher than when George Bush took office a decade ago."


    The entire article sums up my feelings pretty closely. Obama's foreign and economic policies has been, at best, better than the alternative, and more often just more of the same.

    I for one am heartily sick of holding my nose and voting for the lesser of two evils. sad