This is the behavior of liberals and democrats

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    weholdthesetruthsposted 6 years ago … -retarded/

    More unhinged behavior by the likes of DTR and Deeds and Doug Hughes and lovemychris... … h-threats/

    What's the first thing a liberal says in disagreement with me?   

    Accuses me of being brainwashed by fox news, rush limbaugh, or.. (insert favorite fictional boogeyman here).

    The myriad death threats against Palin, for instance, never merit a denunciation by any liberal, or, they simply argue that "conservatives do it too", though evidence of it doesn't exist. 

    Not one TEA Party protest has ever been violent.  They don't litter.   They don't break the law.  They don't fight.  They don't burn cars and smash buildings.   But liberal protests do.  Just look at the articles about protests of the G8 or Banker groups or how the supposedly peaceful europeans riot. Their leadership mention's a slight cut in some benefit, and 30 cars go up in smoke , 20 businesses get ransacked, 3000 windows smashed... 

    But, no, no criticism by the left. 

    SEIU thugs beat (even break bones and nearly kill) conservatives, and not a word of rejection of the behavior.  The rent-a-thug union mobs in Wisconsin trashed the capitol building to the tune of 1.5 million dollars in damages.   TEA Party people rallied to clean up their mess and try to undo some of the damage. 

    And YOU liberals have the slightest nerve to call me "uncivil"?   

    I post NO profanity.  I don't call you sexual deviants.  I don't mock your children, sexuality, call you worthless scum, nor anything but say you have 'stupid ideas' and your ideology is "dumb".   I don't curse you, nor wish you dead, nor any of your leaders.  I don't twist your names, go around publishing screeds of mocking rhetoric aimed at belittling you personally. 

    But yet, you call ME "uncivil".  And you all do that to me and every conservative who doesn't kowtow to your demands of compromise of principle.   

    And you wonder why I am not intimidated.  I raised 5 children to adulthood.   I know precisely what juveniles do. 

    Which is why I'm telling you now.... GROW UP.