The fate of some BP oil spill whistleblowers

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    SparklingJewelposted 6 years ago

    Over the course of the past year, you’ve most likely come across strange stories regarding the tragic fates of those connected with the BP oil disaster. When compiled, the stories are all together shocking and disturbing. Is it possible that the nine deaths and others affected who were involved in different areas of disaster knowledge are just random coincidences? Check into the details and decide for yourself.

    Of the 12 high profile people in question, 9 are mysteriously dead, 1 nearly died in a brutal assassination attempt, 1 is imprisoned under questionable charges, and another has simply disappeared. You can watch a video tutorial of the cases while you read the segments. Below that, you can follow the links to all the cases.

    Not all of the people listed are directly related to the disaster, however, they are high profile truth tellers with different areas of expertise. Statistically speaking, it is unlikely that this many experts and activists would suddenly wind up dead within a year of the disaster. It is suspected that those who were indirectly connected with the event, may have had more knowledge or pull than originally thought.

    If you know of any others, or updates in the current cases, please send them, along with a source to

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