Ruairi Quin Minister for Education demands that Catholic Church pays

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    theirishobserver.posted 6 years ago

    Child Abuse congregations give two finger salutes to Minister for Education Ruairi Quinn and the People of Ireland.

    The secret deal done in 2002 between the Fianna Fail led coalition Government and Catholic Church congregations whose members engaged in the Rape of children, is finally coming out in the open. The Catholic Church congregations were simply told to do their best by former Minister for ‘Justice’ John O Donoghue and now exposed Berty Ahern. Representatives of some of the 18 religious congregations that managed residential institutions for children, which were supervised by the State, investigated by the Ryan commission may not attend a meeting with the Minister for Education Ruairí Quinn next Friday 22nd July 2011 in protest at demands that they pay half the compensation to child rape victims.
    While the majority of child rapists identified in the Ryan Report enjoy healthy pensions from their ‘work’ in the institutions of torture and rape, many victims find themselves homeless and suffering from an array of social, psychological and emotional problems. Indeed the people tasked with ‘supervising’ the said institutions and who were employed by the State enjoy healthy pension benefits from that time. The small number of rapists convicted and belonging to religious congregations continue to enjoy their pensions.
    The religious congregations have been invited to the meeting to discuss a €200 million shortfall in an expected 50:50 contribution by them to costs incurred by the State in compensating former residents of the institutions. However, in an attempt to further diminish their responsibility it is believed that some of the congregations will put their two fingers up at the State and the people of Ireland.

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    TMMasonposted 6 years ago

    Morning, TIO.

    I for one am all for siezing all the Catholic Churche's assets in the nations in which this occurred, and divying it all up among the victims.