Refugee Crisis in Africa

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    mistyhorizon2003posted 6 years ago

    Posted on Behalf of my Sister Hayley.

    "For those who missed it, my Step father, former Guernsey Fire Chief James Cassaday, and my Mum Mary, have always been compassionate people with a healthy social conscience. Both have always given regularly to the various causes they support. Among them James particularly favours 'Help for Heroes', the 'British Legion', 'Royal Fire Services Benevolent Fund' etc, while Mary's interests include 'Sea Shepherd', animal welfare charities, the 'Red Cross' and Tsunami victims etc.

    Information concerning their charity interests had inevitably been circulated between data bases, to the extent that unfortunately, junk mail and cold callers from other charities had increased dramatically. A point had now been reached where they just simply couldn't take on any more requests for donations. As James said "Enough is enough".

    But that was BEFORE watching the disturbing TV Images of the current refugee crises in the Horn of Africa......

    Deeply moved, James had to leave the room and when he returned a few minutes later he had had a simple but effective idea. If they both fasted for 24 hours, then at the end of the day they could donate the money they would have spent on food through agencies such as 'Oxfam' and the 'Red Cross' which are managing to get aid through successfully. By depriving themselves of nourishment in this way, they would also gain a small but valuable insight into what the refugees are having to endure on a daily basis. To paraphrase his earlier comment (and slightly correct the mis-quote used in the Guernsey Press feature) he concluded by adding that where a crises like this is concerned, "Enough is clearly NOT enough!"

    James, Mum and I are fasting today. I'm pretty hungry now! Fluid intake (non alchoholic) is permitted- but of course the refugees often don't have even that option. Whatever the personal discomfort that we may experience today however, we know that it will be as nothing compared to what the refugees are going through on a daily basis. If you are willing (and providing that you are medically fit enough do so) please will you forward this and join us by doing your own 24 hour fast sometime soon? Let's see what we can achieve! Donations to 'Oxfam' and the 'Red Cross' please."