Here's how it's done

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    lovemychrisposted 6 years ago

    This was written about pro-Zionist supporters, but it could just as well fit the rabid right-wingers. So much so that you have to laugh, or cry--given the implications....

    "Jewish students are trained in internet forum propaganda, are fed information to help them attack anyone criticizing Israel and they even have a manual they can access online to help them in their struggle to portray Israel as a poor victim, surrounded by bad hostile nations, and anyone suggesting anything other than that is an antisemite, Jew hater wacky conspiracy theorist.

    How to spot an Hasbara trained internet forum student? They are usually quite obsessive and if they find a well educated poster who is prepared to expose the crimes of Israel, they will go after that person like a stalker. They will use every opportunity to belittle this person to the point of obsessive behaviour. Obviously they will defend Israels actions at all costs no matter how bad the atrocities Israel have committed. If they are losing the logical argument, they will try to ridicule those who dare criticize Israel. They will try to ostracize the poster by labeling them tin-foil-hatters, conspiracy theorists, lunatics, antisemites and Jew haters. If Israel (or Israel's interests) are being attacked, their tactic is to divert the criticism away from Israel by attacking the person or website which has exposed the story. They will also attack the poster, using devious tactics to personally insult the poster for all other forum members to see. Popular alternative media journalists such as Mike Adams and Alex Jones are particularly castigated, the tactic being to marginalize these characters in the eyes of other forum members so that any story these ground breaking truth seeking alternative journalists break, no matter how well researched, truthful or ground breaking, these stories can be easily dismissed by saying "not Mike Adams - he's a nutter" or "not Alex Jones - he's a nutter" or "not "X" - he's a nutter" where X represents the source of the story."


    Honest search for the truth? No way.