Presidential Election Ireland 2011, Martin McGuinness Sinn Fein

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    Sunday, September 25, 2011Presidential Election 2011, 'All Kinds of Everything'

    Presidential Election 2011, ‘All Kinds of Everything’

    It now becomes clear that at least 7 candidates will run in the race to become President of Ireland 2011. In line with the title of Dana’s Eurovision winning song in the early 1970s, this Presidential Race will have ‘All Kinds of Everything’ in its line-up, including Dana herself.

    The Race will most certainly include IRA serial Killer, Martin McGuinness (see posts below which explain Martin’s murderous CV), Sinn Fein had much internal debate before deciding to put Martin McGuinness forward for the Presidential Race, the most obvious choice would have been Monaghan/Cavan Sinn Fein TD, Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin , however, Sinn Fein/IRA paranoia means that the Northern Command Dog of the paramilitary organisation wish to remain firmly in control of its southern tail.

    David Norris looks like re-entering the race, however, his decision to drop out of the race, rather than fight his corner, will cost him dearly. Can he defend offering succour to a Homophile who raped a male child, remains to be judged by the electorate?

    Dana, well what can you say about Dana? If there is a show in town, Dana will take to the stage, however, this may be Dana’s swan song as people are getting tired of the same old performance.

    Mary Davis, the women who says YES to Lisbon and No to questions about her large salary and expense account is a minor player with little hope of reclaiming her presidential deposit.

    Sean Gallagher is the candidate that Ireland most needs in terms of business savvy, however, Ireland has never had a desire for efficiency and effectiveness and so Sean is most likely to take up the rear with Mary Davis.

    The real battle with be between Fine Gael’s Gay Mitchell and Labour’s Michael D. Higgins, with Higgins being the victor as he is a true Statesman with integrity, honestly and intellectual capacity.

    Senator David Norris's bid to be the next President of Ireland has been given a double boost.

    Today's Sunday Independent reveals that former Senator and Independent TD Shane Ross will sign the nomination papers for Senator Norris - leaving him just two short of the 20 Oireachtas members required.

    As a result, Independent TDs Mattie McGrath and Michael Lowry will be back in the spotlight.

    Deputy McGrath said last week he might support Senator Norris while Deputy Lowry said he would only nominate the Senator if he remains one signature short by Wednesday's deadline.

    Several County Councils are meeting early this week to discuss the nominations of David Norris and Dana Rosemary Scallon.

    Meanwhile, Senator Norris is topping the Sunday Business Post Red C presidential poll.

    He is ahead on 21% followed closely by Labour's Michael D. Higgins on 18%, Martin McGuinness on 16% and Mary Davis and Gay Mitchell tied on 13%.

    Sean Gallagher just makes double figures with 11%, with Dana trailing on 6%.

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    David Norris, the Gay Rights campaigner is back in the race for Irish President