Irish Presidential Election 2011, Child Rape Scandals Dog Candidates

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    Presidential Candidates, Child Abuse, Election 2011

    Martin McGuinness continues to stand by Sinn Fein Party President Gerry Adams TD, Mr Adams was forced to publicly admit that he had concealed the rape of his four-year-old niece Aine Tyrell. Mr Adams has been forced to admit publicly that he believed his  niece Aine when she told him that Gerry’s brother Liam Adams had raped her for several years beginning when she was four-years-old. Mr Adams was further forced to admit that he gave his father Gerry Adams Snr a full IRA funeral even though Gerry Adams TD knew his father was a serial child rapist. It is known that Gerry Adams Snr used his position in the IRA to Rape dozens of children over a 30 year period, and when one family reported their child’s rape to social services that family were petrol bombed out of their home by Sinn Fein in west Belfast.

    Gerry Adams TD only made a statement in relation to his niece’s rape in 2007 when it became clear that Sinn Fein/IRA bully tactics would no longer silence Aine. While all of this is public knowledge Martin McGuinness continues to stand by Gerry Adams TD who concealed the Rape of many little children.

    David Norris who was initially favourite to win the presidential election, withdrew from and then re-entered the race when it was publicly disclosed that Mr Norris had sent letters of support for his former homosexual partner, when that partner appeared in Court in Israel and was convicted of a Homophile Rape of a young Palestine boy. Mr Norris is now polling very low in the Presidential election.
    Dana Rosemary Scallon is being accused of standing by her brother Mr Brown (one of Dana’s key election workers) at a time when Mr Brown’s niece has accused him of systematic sexual abuse. Mr Brown’s niece lives in the USA and the allegations arose in a court case five years ago. Dana says the allegations are malicious and vile, however, insiders are saying that Dana has simply sided with her brother.

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      What a picture of Ireland this paints once again. Sadly, the country seems riddled with this kind of "back story".