Cuts Budget 2012

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    theirishobserver.posted 7 years ago

    Cuts: It is fantastic to listen to people complain about those on social welfare, every single person in this country from Judges, Barristers, Politicians down to the lowest socio-economic position in this country have benefited from Social Welfare payments all their life (Children�s Allowance).
    Everyone in this country including millionaires and tax exiles have benefited and continue to benefit from social welfare payments each month (children�s allowance). This is the greatest bastardisation of the social welfare system in the history of the state.
    Each year tens of millions of social welfare payments are collectively paid to the most financially better of people in Ireland, so called charity CEOs on salaries/expenses claims of 300K get social welfare payments (children allowance), politicians with extensive property portfolios/200K salaries/expenses claims for everything from meals to travel/ receive social welfare each month, Judges on 300K/expenses and so forth receive social welfare each month (Children�s Allowance).
    The family and friends of these millionaires are paid social welfare each month. So who is it that is pointing the finger at those on social welfare? Is it the hypocrites, the liars, the tabloid rags, the greedy, the deviant, the criminal, the corrupt or is it all of the above.
    Our social welfare system was set up to help those who have financial difficulties, the disabled, the elderly, the infirm, the redundant, it was never meant to pay for the wives of millionaires to get their legs waxed, their hair styled, their fur coat cleaned.
    Ireland must look at itself with a critical eye, it may make the middle-classes feel good about themselves by pointing their finger at the poor and dispossessed, it may make the right wing deviants feel good about themselves by talking about the little people while turning a blind eye to the corruption and the criminality of those sitting closest to them, however, it�s time for change.
    It is time to do with the hypocrites what we have done with the Catholic Church, expose them, expose the millionaire�s wives who are getting social welfare each month (Children�s Allowance), while children starve on our streets, while children are molested because we don�t have the money to provide social workers, while children are homeless, while children are taking their own life because they can see no hope.
    It�s time to end the bastardistion of our social welfare system by hypocrites and liars, let the millionaire�s wives pay for their own wax job or hair do, let the Judges reflect on their own social welfare payments, rather than criticise those before them for being on social welfare. If Ireland could export hypocrisy we would be the richest nation in the world.
    The Department of Social Protection will bear the brunt of cuts in next month�s budget, accounting for �700 million of the �2.2 billion reductions in expenditure.
    Cuts in the department�s budget will account for a third of all expenditure adjustments. With the budget for capital projects being cut by �750 million, the upshot is that Social Protection will account for half the cuts in current departmental spending.
    Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton was originally told she had to produce cuts of �822 million from her department.
    However,  she succeeded in recent weeks in convincing Cabinet colleagues that with the increase in the number of unemployed to 447,000 and because Social Protectionâ��s outgoings are largely demand-led, a cut of that magnitude was not feasible.
    Speaking this morning, Ms Burton said the country �faces a very tough situation� and each department is going to have to trim spending.
    Ms Burton said she is trying to reform social welfare because there has been a �very large build-up of spend in the last couple of years�.
    She said that since she became Minister, she has been �astonished� by the number of schemes and conditions in social welfare. �We should be able to bring those down into a much more limited number of schemes,� she added.
    Social protection is the Government�s biggest spending department, paying welfare, pension and benefits to 1.4 million people each month and with an annual budget of �21 billion.
    The bulk of its spending is on welfare. As the Government has committed itself not to cut the rates of primary social welfare payments, it will have to find alternative savings within the department.
    �It is going to be very difficult. The talks are still on going. At least with the reduction in targeted cuts from �822 million to �700 million, there is less of a hill to climb,� said a well-placed Government source.
    Department officials are understood to have focused on three areas to find the bulk of the savings: eliminating social welfare fraud; cutting the rent supplement bill; and �activation� measures for the unemployed to satisfy the conditions of the memorandum of understanding with the EU and the IMF.
    Ms Burton launched an anti-fraud initiative in September in which she contended that new fraud control measures could achieve as much as �625 million in savings next year.
    The department has also been in discussions with the Department of the Environment in relation to reducing the substantial cost of rent supplement which cost �516 million last year, and �376 million until the end of September this year. Some 95,800 families and individuals living in privately rented accommodation claim the supplement.
    While social welfare rates will not be cut, the memorandum of understanding with the troika requires activation measures, which could mean that the long-term unemployed who do not take up training or job offers have their welfare tapered over time.
    Savings may also be made by confining each social welfare recipient to only one primary payment that would be immune from cuts. However, that could be highly politically sensitive as those who receive more than one primary payment are mainly widows and carers.
    The department has argued it is difficult to find cuts when its payments have increased as the dole queues have grown. In addition to an increase in the number of unemployed, there have been substantial increases in other benefits. These include the back-to-school clothing and footwear allowance. There were 160,000 applications in 2010 costing �77 million. The number of applications has increased to 193,000.
    It is also expected that cuts in the Department of Health will amount to �400-�500 million, with the savings from the moratorium on public service recruitment from the Croke Park deal expected to yield a figure of several hundred million.
    Separately, the Cabinet yesterday approved the capital projects that will be axed following the decision that their budget will fall by �750 million. The biggest casualty will be the Metro North project. Details of other axed projects will be announced tomorrow.
    One of the flagship capital projects is the new national children�s hospital at the Mater Hospital campus in Dublin.


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