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  1. emrldphx profile image60
    emrldphxposted 7 years ago

    In what areas would you like to see the US government reduce, or remove spending?

    1. profile image0
      Texasbetaposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Yes. Of course,
      - I would like defense cuts. We make so many weapons that cost millions, never to use them, only to sell them to Saudi Arabia or China.
      - The government spent $92 billion in corporate welfare
      - National Endowment for the Arts- I don't want to entirely eliminate this, but if you want to poop on a cross and hang it up, why do I have to pay you $20k to poop. Poop on your own dime. If your art is so good, someone will pay you for it.
      -$25 billion handling vacant properties.
      - Over half of all farm subsidies go to commercial farms, which report average household incomes of $200,000
      - The refusal of many federal employees to fly coach costs taxpayers $146 million annually in flight upgrades.
      - Pelosi annoys me. I don't know where that fits, but I can't stand her.
      - The Federal Communications Commission spent $350,000 to sponsor NASCAR driver David Gilliland
      - bailing out airlines
      - bailing out investment banks - I know what "could have happened" so I am being somewhat reactionary. That doesn't change the fact that the same people who committed the fraud make up the Fed, who pushed and got TAARP passed. They are the same people. I don't buy it.
      - The Defense Department wasted $100 million on unused flight tickets and never bothered to collect refunds even though the tickets were refundable
      -Congress appropriated $20 million for "commemoration of success" celebrations related to Iraq and Afghanistan - It wasn't a success by any measure whatsoever.
      - Audits showed $34 billion worth of Department of Homeland Security contracts contained significant waste, fraud, and abuse - I don't even think we should have this agency.
      - A total of $3 million has been granted to researchers at the University of California at Irvine so that they can play video games such as World of Warcraft
      - $615,000 was given to the University of California at Santa Cruz to digitize photos, T-shirts and concert tickets belonging to the Grateful Dead.
      - The National Institutes of Health spent approximately $442,340 to study the behavior of male prostitutes in Vietnam
      - $1.8 million of U.S. taxpayer dollars went for a "museum of neon signs" in Las Vegas, Nevada.
      - $35 million was reportedly paid out by Medicare to 118 "phantom" medical clinics that never even existed.  Apparently these "phantom" medical clinics were established by a network of criminal gangs as a way to defraud the U.S. government.
      - Almost unbelievably, the National Institutes of Health was given $800,000 in "stimulus funds" to study the impact of a "genital-washing program" on men in South Africa - I honestly don't care if men in South Africa have a clean sack. Actually, I could care less about virtually anything going on in South Africa.
      - The SEC - I want this agency. I MUST exist. However, we should fire every single soul in it and start from scratch with rules in place about where you go to work can't go work for the people you just investigated or "didn't" investigate or we get to hit you in the face with a whiffle ball bat...everyone in the country.
      - Paying oil companies to speculate. Speculate on your own dime. You are the richest corporations the world has ever seen. You benefit from it, not us. Kiss my a#$.
      - They supply $175 million a year so the Department of Veterans Affairs can maintain buildings it doesn’t use, including a pink, octagonal monkey house in Dayton, Ohio.
      - probably about half of the overall agencies contained within the government
      - End the war on drugs. Legalize weed, and enforce the laws already on the books. No more ads, no more talks, no more traveling around the country as the drug czar giving speeches touting the success of one of the biggest failures in our history
      - Those groups who make special commemorative coins made from 9/11 and what not. There is something very disgraceful about selling this like this. I am ashamed we are involved in that.
      - FOREIGN AID - I love it that Perry says everyone starts at 0. Good. Yes, Israel needs some cash. I am cool with that. I am not cool with blindly agreeing with everything they do, and apologizing for them when they act like the little fat kid on the playground who won't stop punching the little kids in the stomach when the teacher isn't looking, but I get it. It isn't like Israel has much industry. It is Israel. There isn't anything there but sand and death. You can't sell that to anyone but death metal bands in Scandinavia. But, what does Germany need our money for? Why are we paying India? India is kicking our tails right now in future prep. Pakistan - done. You don't get squat. I don't care if that is going to make you go to war with someone. I am a liberal who believes in carpet bombing. India would kick you to death, and yes, we are on their team. Go fleece someone else.
      I can go on obviously.

      1. kerryg profile image83
        kerrygposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        Good list! I agree with most of these points and especially your comments about the SEC. lol

        As an environmentalist, I would also add that the Forest Service needs to stop selling old growth forest to logging companies for less than what it spent building roads and surveying it. The American people should not be subsidizing the wanton destruction of our own natural resources.

  2. Moderndayslave profile image61
    Moderndayslaveposted 7 years ago

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