Budget Cap Amendment

  1. mel22 profile image60
    mel22posted 5 years ago

    reposting from an old post but, I don't think the government should get any money when the budget put forth has a blatant deficit that exceeds 25% percent of the budget total

    let's see 4.5 trillion with approxamtely 1.5 in deficit would be close to a third in deficit.. more cosely around 27-8 percent of total budget is in deficit..

    compare it to GDP and it becomes much lower percentagewise but c'mon when a third of the total is in deficit thats a damn shame!

    when the budget becomes that easy to let out of control then its no longer the tax avoiders who should be considered the criminal here. Even Tax cheat geightner is less criminal than the the person budgeting over 25 percent of total.thats the real crime. Should be Impeachable if you ask me!

    Instead of a balanced budget amendment which only allows the budget to be exactly in balance why not a Budget Cap Amendment that can't exceed 20 or 25 percent of total budget to allow some flexibility while restraining unregulated spending?

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    mel22posted 5 years ago

    Better wording might be Deficit Cap Amendment and maybe lower the percentage to 10 or fifteen percent of total