What is the minority now in this day and age?

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  1. Austin Dawursk profile image61
    Austin Dawurskposted 6 years ago

    I'm wondering what people think the minority is and what they base their opinion on? And is the minority you picked being discriminated against.

    1. Quilligrapher profile image82
      Quilligrapherposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Hello Austin.  Welcome to HubPages.
      Nobody picks the minority in America. Every 10 years, the US Census Bureau takes a shot at counting heads and calculates the population mix based upon murky jargon and race/ethnicity overlap. The latest estimates compiled since 2008 place everyone in America in the minority sub-basement except Asians (4.4%), Blacks (12.4%), White-Hispanics(14%),and Whites-Non-Hispanics (66%). When combined, these four groups account for about 96.8% of the population.(1)

      By the year 1250, Whites as an entire race will only maintain their majority status when included with White-Hispanics. Furthermore, the 2010 census indicates the Hispanic population grew at a rate of about 43% during the last decade or four times greater than the 10% growth rate seen in the total population.(2)

      As for your second question, you are not serious, are you? America has a long history of discrimination against the groups clinging to the lower rungs of the social ladder. That never changes. Only the targeted group changes. 

      In 1880, the elite New York Times reported the existence of “a powerful ‘dangerous class,’ who care nothing for our liberty or civilization… who burrow at the roots of society, and only come forth in the darkness and in times of disturbance, to plunder and prey on the good things which surround them, but which they never reach… the poorest and lowest laboring class ... [who] drudge year after year in fruitless labor ... [but] never rise above their position.... They hate the rich.... They are densely ignorant, and easily aroused by prejudice or passion.” The members of this class, the Times added, “are mainly Irish Catholics.”

      (1) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/People_of_ … ted_States
      (2) http://www.census.gov/prod/cen2010/brie … 0br-04.pdf

    2. Evan G Rogers profile image73
      Evan G Rogersposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I'm the minority: There's only one of me, and 7 billion of you.

      I need federal funding because I can't get a fair break with all of the yous out there who are constantly taking away the freedom of me.


      1. Evan G Rogers profile image73
        Evan G Rogersposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        (Interesting side note: English is one of the few languages out there without the ability to make "other people like you" into a pronoun)

  2. Xenonlit profile image61
    Xenonlitposted 6 years ago

    The real minority are the supremacists who obsess over their diminishing relevance, power and numbers. They know that they slither around among 7 billion increasingly empowered people who would love to see them gone from this world.

  3. Druid Dude profile image61
    Druid Dudeposted 6 years ago

    The true minority are the ones who are in control of you. The scary part is how effectively they have managed to do so. They are God in this world, your corporate masters, priests to the soulless "legal" entity in whose image they want you to be re-born. They tell you what to believe, and you believe it. The highest office goes to the biggest pie-in-the-sky conman  double agent. You've been hog-tied, butchered and served up for dinner. We've been had.


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