Stats from Paul campaign

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    SparklingJewelposted 6 years ago

    a portion from the Ron Paul newletter
    if people understood the difference in each state of their delegate gathering systems, they would know that Ron Paul is looking strong...but MSM  doesn't want anyone to know because elitest pay them off to keep quiet and not report to the rest of the country what is happening in each state and how the delegate systems work

    "...The truth is, right now our campaign is in the very heat of the battle against the establishment.

    In state after state, we're racking up delegates and preparing to shock the political world as we move forward to state conventions.

    ***     After the first four Legislative District conventions in King County, Washington, Ron Paul supporters walked away with nearly 60% of the delegates to the state convention;

    ***     In Clark County, Nevada - where 70% of the population resides - Ron Paul supporters took the majority of delegates to the State Convention - and also seized control of the entire Clark County GOP Executive Board;

    ***     In Boone County, Missouri - Ron Paul supporters walked away with 48 out of the 53 delegates up for grabs;

    ***     In Black Hawk County, Iowa, despite Michele Bachmann personally attending the caucus in her own hometown, Ron Paul's dedicated supporters won the entire County for Ron Paul;

    ***     In Portland, Maine, where Mitt Romney showed up to speak, Ron Paul's dedicated supporters stayed throughout the entire process and managed to take 55 of the 73 delegates at stake.
    As each of these states move to their state conventions and begin selecting national delegates - the folks who will actually choose the Republican nominee - it's Ron Paul's campaign that's out-organizing and out-fighting the opposition.

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      Quilligrapherposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      If you suggest “elitists” pay to distort the reporting of the Republican nomination contest, then you must also ask yourself who pays the writers of Ron Paul’s newsletter. Clearly, no one knows what will happen at the Republican national convention, least of all the staff on this biased newsletter.

      However, CNN has also done the math and Dr. Paul, according to their calculations, never rises above fourth place and never achieves more than 15 percent of the needed delegates. … e-math.cnn

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    innersmiffposted 6 years ago

    All of these delegates have more weight in a brokered convention because in theory, people will tend to vote their conscience more in that situation. People only settle for Romney and Gingrich, but all Ron Paul supporters are dedicated and understand how important his principles are.

    And for someone with 'no chance' of doing well . . . Paul is really doing well. Remember when Bachmann and Perry were hot favourites? lol