Thoughts on Sunday Shopping

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    talfonsoposted 5 years ago

    I don't do as much Sunday Shopping, but most of it is directed at food. I live in an area (Brandon) where the mall and almost all shops are open on Sundays. Some days I'd get late to church because of the traffic from the shops.

    To me, going to the store on Sundays can be helpful only for the right purpose. I'm pretty much an opponent of the vast majority of Sunday shopping because people simply can't get a weekly day off to be present with family if stores are open that day. Also, some teens and young adults forgo church to hang out with friends.

    Let's not forget the other Christians denominations who don't go to church on Sundays or non-Christians who would take advantage of Sunday store openings. Sure, I'm nice to them and respect their religions, but it's either the owners' rights to close their shops down on that day or it's either the blue laws (especially in Bergen County, NJ).

    Speaking of blue laws, I'd love to move to Bergen County, in a quiet city like Waldwick (where I attended school) rather than, say, Paramus (where Route 4 and/or Route 17 traffic can test many a nerve). But with money and growing my business something to get out of the way now, I have to deal with battling SR 60 traffic to church each Sunday.

    There are groups that oppose going to the mall/store on Sundays, like Keep Sundays Special and Save Our Sundays. I'm fans of both groups because I felt bad for those working in retail on days supposed to be for families and/or God.

    So, there I have it. With the exception of food and drugs, I'm mostly opposed to Sunday Shopping. It's no use skipping church to hang out with your peeps at the mall and buy your designer bags there.

    What do you think?