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Exposing Health Care News, So You Won't Lose...

Updated on November 13, 2014
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Nicholl McGuire has been providing useful content on websites since 2007. Learn more about her business Nicholl McGuire Media.

Research for Prescription Medicine Side Effects

There are the side effects that everyone knows about through popular websites and your local drug store print-out but then there are those other side effects that require more indepth research. Visit YouTube channels and other sites created by real people who don't have anything to gain from telling you the truth. Some of these people lost loved ones taking prescribed medicine that went wrong. Others have life-time illnesses brought on by incorrect information given to them by a doctor or nurse and the stories go on and on.

So how do you research effectively? Read on...

How to Research Prescription Medicine Side Effects

Everyday someone is being prescribed a prescription drug year and usually what comes with those medicines is information about side effects. But sometimes you may need to know more such as long term effects, what others have experienced while being on the drug, was it ever recalled by the FDA and other answers to your questions. If you need answers to your questions then you will need to know how to conduct a thorough search on prescription medicines and we are not just talking about putting in the drugs name and clicking on a couple of sites. Here are some tips to help you find out all you need to know about a prescription medicine.

Look for prescription recalls

When you keyword search your drug’s name and then add “prescription recall” or “lawsuit” you will find many sites warning you about the drug. Some information is outdated and after a few adjustments due to an FDA flag, the medicine may be back on the market. So be sure to check for a date a somewhere on the site to see how if the material written about the drug is recent.

Check forums

People are very opinionated when something goes wrong. They offer specific and sensitive details as to what has happened to their body while on the drug because they can be anonymous. Forums are helpful in finding the truth about a drug. But read many opinions rather than a few, because not everyone’s bodies react to medicines in the same way. However, if you see a consistency in what people are saying about the drug there is a good chance that with prolong use you just might experience the same.

Search medical websites

Sometimes the doctor fails to tell you or doesn’t want to tell you what might happen if you overdose a drug or mix it with another. The more popular medical websites provide extensive detail on both the generic and brand names and how the drug may interact with others.

Read blogs

People who are determined to help others may create a blog of their daily activity while being on the drug. This can be helpful to you if you have been noticing some unusual side effects and yet your doctor tells you, “That’s normal. Keep taking it.” If the side effects become increasingly bad like maybe someone’s experience on a blog, this may indicate that you need to stop taking it regardless of what your doctor says.

Check newspapers

Visit a major newspaper website and type in the name of the drug you are taking. You will find that the reporter has interviewed some credible sources that may provide helpful information about the medicine you are taking.

Watch video

Some people will video tape their experience on the drug and post it to an online video service. This can be extremely helpful to watch if people around you have been telling you that something is wrong or you are not quite acting like yourself. Sometimes you have to be on the outside looking in to see what a person really means. You may need to have someone video tape you then take the video along with your laptop computer to the doctor and have him make an observation.

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Prescription Medicine Alternatives

Consider looking into alternative medicines when you feel that your prescription medicine is not working for you, yet you take it anyway. Also, think about what you are doing that may be causing ill effects within your body. Unhealthy eating, lack of exercise, and also a stressful environment will affect your health. You may want to pay closer attention to side effects caused by your prescription medicines. Those problems could be putting you on a path toward death. More medicine means more problems, so think before you tell your doctor everything that is going on with you. Remember, he or she is in business to make money first and of course take care of patients.

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