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Why do some men have long fingernails?

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Which is more important: Being beautiful or being smart?

30 answers

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Physiogel or Cetaphil?

7 answers

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What are the rules for men wearing Kilts?

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Skirts and pantyhose

14 answers

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What's more important, beauty or brains?

12 answers

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What is the attraction of tattoos

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Why do cowboys wear handkerchiefs around their necks?

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How often should a man shave?

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Is nivea cream a good moisturizer for the face??

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Have you ever cured melasma?

4 answers

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How to keep facial skin smooth?

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Why do female attorneys wear long hair?

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How can I make my hair grow faster and stronger?

15 answers

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How to dress well

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Is Plastic Surgery right?

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How can I tone down over-bright lipstick?

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Have you ever sold or purchased clothing on consignment?

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How to treat dry legs?

8 answers

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What is modesty?

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The pros and cons of glasses vs. contacts?

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Why do women care sooooo much about their hair?

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Should Christian women wear pants?

7 answers

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Can I get your Ideas on piercings and tattoos?

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What is the best way to stop my nails from breaking?

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What's The Best Cologne For A First Time Wearer?

5 answers