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Top 10 Gifts NOT to Give Your Wife on Your Anniversary

Updated on January 16, 2015

Do you always give your wife great gifts on your wedding anniversary?

Or do you struggle to find that perfect anniversary gift?

Not sure?

Then check out this list of the Top 10 gifts that you should NOT buy your wife for your anniversary:

  1. Exercise Equipment or Gym membership: Treadmill, elliptical, weights - it all suggests that she may have a weight problem
  2. Vacuum Cleaner: or other items related to cleaning such as a mop, broom or swiffer (women don't really smile when they use it)
  3. Diet Books: Anything related to dieting is a no-no, back to the weight issue again!
  4. Body-shaping Clothing: If it has the words 'compression girdle' in the description, don't buy it!
  5. Iron or Ironing Board: No matter how much you need a new iron, unless you want to use it yourself, don't buy this for your anniversary
  6. Shavers: Although some women do need to remove excess hair, they don't want to be reminded of it on their anniversary
  7. Hair Dye: or anything that suggests going grey and ageing
  8. Deodorant /
  9. Subscription to PlayBoy /
  10. Dinner at Hooters: Really, if you can't see why these last three are wrong then you may not have to worry about future anniversaries!

Of course, this list is a stereotypical, tongue-in-cheek look at what NOT to buy for your wife. I constructed it to make a point - that there are better anniversary gifts out there and, with a little thought and research, you can do much better.

Sure, you can get away with some of these if you've been married a long time. For example, a joint gym membership will give you the chance to spend a lot of quality time together. But generally, you should avoid everything on this list.

So, if you've ever given your wife one of these gifts for her anniversary, then you need help!

Spice up your marriage!
Spice up your marriage! | Source

Spice Up Your Marriage!

Check our Relationship Advice for Men to help you become more romantic. Use these new skills to spice up your marriage!

You can do better!

Your wedding anniversary is that one special day of the year when you get to celebrate your love. And, although the gift itself is very important, it is how you celebrate the whole day that counts.

So, celebrate your anniversary with these Wedding Anniversary Ideas and show her your romantic side by following these steps:

  • Mark the date
  • Buy an anniversary card and add a romantic quote
  • Order a bouquet of flowers
  • Make reservations for two at her favourite restaurant
  • Consider arranging a romantic getaway to your favourite city / spa / tropical island
  • Check out some other great ideas at Anniversary Gifts for Her.

Finally, don't forget to tell your wife you love her! Check out this fabulous HubPage from blessedmommy which gives you 101 Ways To Tell Your Wife, "I Love You" . Follow this advice and you'll be well on your way to your next anniversary - and many more after that!

Romance Is Only A Step Away!

I hope you found this article on 10 Gifts NOT to Give Your Wife on her Anniversary helpful.

If you're looking for more ways to improve your romantic life, here are some related articles that provide tips and suggestions to make your wedding anniversary celebration more romantic, including:

Thanks for visiting. And if you're planning a romantic anniversary trip to celebrate your wedding anniversary this year, then here are some great destinations for Romantic Getaway Ideas.

Now you have no excuse - you're fully equipped for your most romantic anniversary ever - good luck and let me know how it goes.

Happy Anniversary!



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    • greatstuff profile image

      Mazlan 6 years ago from Malaysia

      Hi geoffclarke..interesting and funny..wonder who would give their partner a deodorant or shavers..probably a last minute purchase at the nearest petrol station!!!

    • Sue B. profile image

      Sue B. 6 years ago

      Hey geoffclarke- it's those terrible relationships and experiences that help you recognize a great one!

    • geoffclarke profile image

      geoffclarke 6 years ago from Canada

      Hi Sue

      Thanks for your comments. Sorry to hear that you've received some of these 'gifts' - my goal is to change that! I fully agree with your tip about listening carefully - although two weeks might be leaving it a bit late! As for repeatedly sending flowers to someone who's allergic - well, I think you made the right decision!

    • Sue B. profile image

      Sue B. 6 years ago

      Nice hub. I, unfortunately, have received many of those items!. I think it is important to know your partner. Although many people love surprises if you really want to know what they want- ask! One of the cutest things I ever received was a "survey" email that was really just a way my man was fishing for info.

      It really is important to know your partner- and show it. If you listen within 2 weeks of the event, you will get enough ideas of what she wants or needs. I know you suggested men order a bouquet of flowers which works for most women. I broke up with someone after they repeatedly sent me flowers despite me telling them over and over that I was allergic to flowers and had to give them away. :)