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12 Things You Only Experience When You Live Alone

Updated on May 5, 2014

Grand Party Central -

Assuming you have friends (good for you), you friends in relationships may see your home as the one place where they can be a drunken slob, leave a mess, and leave. Lucky you get to spend the next two days cleaning it all up.

Embarrassing Visitations -

When you live alone you let your guard down and really be you. You’ll walk around in your paint stained tee shirt and curlers and not think twice about it, that is….until someone knocks on your door for an unannounced visit.

Pets Are People Too (Not Really, But Kind Of) -

It’s not just the crazy cat lady. Loners come in all varieties: dog, birds, iguana, or the rat that lives in your laundry room, whatever. If it’s alive, you’ll find yourself talking to it.

Interactive TV Watching –

There’s no baby sleeping in the next room, scream all you want. That dead beat Dad on Dr. Phil deserves it.

Up And At Em’ –

2 Am round of Call of Duty? Why not? It’s not like there’s someone in bed waiting for you.

Déjà vu Meals –

I really hope you like that lasagna you made tonight. Cause you’re going to be eating it for weeks.


Antisocial Socializing –

Don’t worry about being lonely, you’ll likely find social media is a great way to meet people. Soon you’ll find yourself on Twitter or Facebook for endless hours playing games, taking quizzes on which Golden Girl you are, while talking to someone in France you will never really meet. Meanwhile, you’ll go days without talking to anyone you actually really know.

Scardey Cat -

I used to be a fan of a good sci-fi horror flick. That is, until I lived alone. Maybe that lady could come through your TV and kill you? It could happen…

The Wallet Draught -

We all run out of money and if you live alone, it definitely will happen. With no one splitting the bills, you’re on your own to pay that $300 electric bill. Guess who’s working overtime Friday night? You are, that’s who.

The Dirty –

You have two choices when it comes to laundry, like a high stakes game show your options are: 1. Make due with having only dirty laundry. Cause you’ll never have enough for one full load of whites. 2. Or mix your whites and colors together and take the chance they don’t ruin your whites. Personally, I say mix them together. My laundry room is free of clothing prejudice, a utopian place where shirts of all colors live in harmony.

Creative Eating –

Gordon Ramsey would be appalled, but living alone often means eating a brick of moldy cheese, half an apple, and a cold cup of coffee.

Multitasking –

So you ran out of clean drinking glasses two days ago, that vase hasn’t been used in months. Let’s be honest, it’s not like anyone’s sending you flowers anyway.

5 stars for Living Alone.

© 2014 Amy L. Tarr


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