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Bumping into the Ex after a break-up

Updated on April 14, 2012

Be dignified. Be prepared.

Depending on your situation, you may or may not expect to run into your ex. But whatever the circumstances, there’s a possibility it may happen so it’s best to be prepared. There’s nothing worse than having faced a situation only to think of things you should have said or done, afterward.

There’s no point in dreaming up some witty dialogue and seeking out a situation where you may run into him so you can live out the fantasy in your head – that would be obsessing and definitely not conducive to getting over him. The main thing to keep in mind in this situation is that you are above any negative behavior and you have moved on. You can be civil and make it short. If he approaches you, say hello and politely move on. You have a busy and exciting life after all! Remember to smile and be happy - there’s no harm in him knowing how happy you are without him!

If you bump into him with his new girlfriend.

Be glad you’re not that girl! You’ve been there and done that and you now have new opportunities and bigger and better things going on! Do the same as if he were alone or with his friends… it makes no difference to you! If he approaches you, smile, say hello and politely move on. Hold your head high and exude happiness – you are better off without him!

Remember: Actions speak louder than words. Don’t say you’re happy and have a wonderful life - be happy and have a wonderful life! You will shine! There's no better revenge than being happy without him.


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