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How To Celebrate Valentines Day When You Are Alone and Single

Updated on April 30, 2013

Single on Valentines Day but with children

Celebrating Valentines Day with your children

When we were young, my father usually gives us flowers, (me and my sister) on Valentines day, and if they go out (him and my mother), they will bring us some candies or chocolates shaped like heart. There are times when we had dinner or had some fun doing things. If we have school they will wait for us afterwards and we will go and visit my grandparents or distribute the cards we made one week before.

Valentines day is a day for the hearts--romantic date but when you don’t have a date, and you have children, then you can still celebrate it with the love of your life---the children, it could be fun too. You will surely enjoy celebrating it with them, just try some new ideas which they will like. Just remember that children like some activities and they enjoy it when you improvise some things which is connected to valentines day like the color red, card making etc. You can also enjoy cooking with them some Valentine cookies too.

Now that I have a family of my own and loveless too, I impart this to my children as well. I usually celebrate Valentines Day with my children, we go out and have activities prior to the day like making cards etc.

Depending on the ages of your children, you can still celebrate the special day for the hearts with them.

You can still be happy even if there is no special someone on that day.

Celebrating Valentines Day with Your Children

  • I give flowers to my girl and then candies shaped like heart to all of them. I also dress them in red, they like it and they are excited
  • I sat down with them one weekend before the Valentines day and then we make cards for their grandparents and some friends too which is known to us.
  • We also visit our neighbor an elderly who is living alone and she is very happy to have us and then we give her a small card written by the children
  • I also teach the values of love to my children, specially my older boys, how to really share a love and that it is valued.
  • I buy also chocolates for the children and they loved it, it is only one day so they can splurge on it.
  • I put a heart shaped décor at the door or at the living room too
  • The children have fun cutting out drawings and then pasting it in the paper all red
  • I buy also cake for us and we play the music and we dance. I invite my friends too in the house and if we are not going out this Valentines day I might as well cook food for all of us and then we can have some real and cheap ways to have fun. We can also sit down with a candle light dinner with the children and be like adults, they will like that with music.

Valentines Day is a day for the romantic lovers but then if you don’t have one, you can still enjoy it with your children if you like, there is nothing like sharing the joy of the Day with them reminding them the values why we celebrate it in the first place.

Thank you for reading this one.


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