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Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Colors

Updated on September 29, 2013
Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Colors
Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Colors | Source

This is definitely a great place to get started when planning your wedding. This will likely be one of the earliest decisions you make, but should also be the easiest.

Deciding on the color scheme for your wedding will make the rest of your wedding come together much easier. And you don’t even have to color coordinate or pick out a specific number of details in each color. Once you have your colors, the rest will just seem to fall together.

The colors you choose can have as big of a part in your wedding and what decisions you make along the way as you would like, or as small of one, like simply dictating the color invites you choose or flowers you carry. However, your color scheme will give you parameters to work within that will narrow your choices and make decisions quicker and less stressful.

Let’s discuss some easy tips for picking your big day color scheme. There’s nothing to be nervous about.

Consider Your Favorite Colors

Even though I already had a good idea about the colors I wanted to use for our wedding, the first place I went to help me decide was the craft store. You know that aisle they provide with all of the different colors of scrapbook paper in a variety of different patterns?

BINGO! You could also try the fabric section just to give yourself a visual of all of your color choices and how they would look together. I have some brides that went straight for the color swatches at their local paint store for inspiration. That’s another great one!

Once I was in front of all of my scrapbook paper options, I started pulling out those specific pieces that really caught my eye and stirred something in my heart. It was only a couple of minutes and I had a few gorgeous colors together that I loved. I immediately ran over to my now husband and asked for his thoughts.

He came and looked through the colors and patterns with me and decided he liked what I had chosen as much as I did. I had decided on some really natural colors like beige, light green and a pale teal.

And it really was that easy! I spent less than 50 cents on my three pieces of paper, which went straight up on my idea board in the office, and planning began!

If going to the craft store or the paint shop to find your perfect color scheme doesn’t work for you, consider all of the many options you still have for choosing your perfect colors.

Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Colors
Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Colors | Source

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Let the Seasons Guide You

In my book Wedding Themes, Parties, Favors, and Much More Wedding Fun! I go into great detail discussing how to use the seasons to start your wedding planning.

Like color, it’s relatively easy to at least pinpoint in which season you would prefer to marry when you consider the weather, your schedules, your feelings throughout the year, and other mitigating factors.

If you’re struggling with choosing your wedding colors, or you and your spouse-to-be are at odds about which colors would be the best, consider the seasons for your inspiration.

Decorating is simple when Mother Nature is your guide. There’s nothing that says that you have to have a Thanksgiving themed wedding in the fall, or Easter eggs at your Spring wedding. However, some colors just lend to the atmosphere at each time of year and would complement any flowers or location you chose for your wedding.

While there are no hard and fast rules, and today’s trends offer even more freedom than years ago, by bearing in mind the traditional colors of a season you may be able to blend those into your own tastes.

For example, the colors burgundy, dark green, gold, burnt orange, cream, taupe, rich browns, and plum would be beautiful for a wedding in the Fall months. While snow white, royal blue, cranberry, and silver would say Winter wedding to just about anybody attending.

Royal colors such as navy blue, emerald green, regal purple, and gold are other great possibilities. But you could truly make either of these your own with just one or two of these colors, or a creative mixture of colors that make you think of the season.

A spring wedding, by contrast, might favor lighter, more pastel shades of colors such as baby blue, light pink, canary yellow, lavender, and mint green. Tangerine, lilac, lime, and soft violet shades are other trendy colors for spring weddings.

Summer weddings look lovely in blue, orange, yellow, lilac, violet, and various shades of red. A combination of dark purple, lavender, and earthy green is also stunning. Tying together silver, green, and light purple is another great option. How about royal blue with light yellow and white?

The seasons offer so many great ideas for wedding colors, that this may be just the place for you to start. Still not finding the right shades? What about the location where you want to get married?

Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Colors
Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Colors | Source

Where Would You Like to Get Married

If you and your honey have always talked about getting married at the beach, some natural colors come to mind. Beach weddings make me think of sand and water, seashells and the cool breeze. What about blues, yellows, oranges, and browns for your beach event?

However, if a natural setting like the National forest appeals more to you, certain colors come to mind then as well. These colors may change depending on the area you are looking at, but blues, greens and browns are probably universal.

If you are leaning more towards a more formal location, you’ll want to look at the colors used in your venue’s carpeting, drapery, and decorations for inspiration. If the site has strong colors, you’ll probably want to select a color scheme that complements it.

There’s no rule that says you have to match your wedding color scheme to that of your wedding location, but if you are having a hard time deciding, the setting may well help to suggest the color scheme for you.

Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Colors
Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Colors | Source

What About Your Favorite Flowers

You may just love roses and have a favorite hue that would be perfect for a wedding. My favorite roses are the lavender ones. I think they are just incredible!

If you like hydrangeas, well they come in a few limited colors, including white. White opens up all sorts of options, but you could choose the traditional blue and green that make hydrangeas so popular.

If you are just crazy for sunflowers, yellow and black, or yellow and some other beautiful color, are probably going to be perfect for your wedding.

Flowers can offer a great deal of inspiration, especially if one particular color or type really inspires you and captures your heart. Go with it! It’s probably a good match for you.

Regardless of what flower you choose, you’re going to want to love them as you walk down the aisle. Incorporate your favorite flower color, either making it the dominant shade or using it as an accent, and it will all come together for you.

Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Colors
Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Colors | Source

How Does Your Groom Feel

I don’t know about yours, but my husband wanted to be involved in just about every detail of the wedding. He had a vision that he wanted to share with me, but he wanted also to be a part of the decision-making process. It just worked out that we favored all of the same colors and other choices. Of course, we spent a long time talking about what we’d envisioned for our wedding day.

Maybe he has some opinions about the color scheme that you haven’t considered. I told you earlier that we went to the craft store to find some inspiration. He headed straight for the fabrics, and I went for the scrapbooking paper.

It turns out that we both picked similar colors in both areas. We both like blues and greens and wanted to have a more natural toned-down look for our big day. It worked out perfectly!

When decorating our house, picking out items for a nursery, and even picking out clothing and shoes, we have very similar color choices. We both like blues and greens.

By consulting your groom in the process of choosing your all-important wedding colors, you may find that he already has some in mind that you’ll love. And you want him to be happy too, right?! He chose you. I’m sure he has great taste in other areas as well!

Don’t Overdo It

Many brides have color schemes with up to five colors, although three is most common. If you have six or more, that’s perfectly fine, but be careful that the colors don't overwhelm the wedding or create a sense of disjointed themes.

Obviously you want everything to match and flow. Otherwise, this whole choosing colors thing would be a lot less stressful because you could just pick random colors. Also, exact color matches on everything are overwhelming; instead, go for shade variations on the original colors.

Every time teal is seen in your wedding, it doesn’t have to be the exact same teal as is everywhere else. No one will notice that this one is lighter than the others, or it isn’t just perfect. In fact, being a little more laid back and allowing for different shades will put your guests more at ease too, because your event will have a more natural, comfortable flow rather than having a very strict, harsh cut to it.

Rely on small touches here and there for getting across your wedding color scheme rather than huge bold displays of it, such as the font color on invitations, the flowers on the cake, and the ribbon wrapped around your bridal bouquet. This will still indicate the color theme in an elegant way without overwhelming your event with color.

Trust your instincts, breathe and try to relax, and everything will come together in the end. You never know, you might find some really unique ways of adding color to your wedding day that you wouldn’t have expected.

Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Colors
Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Colors | Source

© 2013 Victoria Van Ness


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