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Crazy blind dates part 2

Updated on April 23, 2012

Whats with all the dragons?

I continue with the saga of my dating life.

I was telling a friend recently about some old dates and we laughed so hard she begged me to write a book. I can't say I'm up to writing a book but another blog I certainly can do. She begged me to write this particular story as it was weird yet not the strangest. I'm sure there are many woman out there that can relate to the fact that they are excited when the blind date shows up and he actually looks like his photo.

This man contacted me on an online dating site quite a number of years ago. I don't date much and when I saw his profile there some things that intrigued me. For one thing he was actually attractive, I know surprise. But really how many times do you set up a blind date and they show up looking nothing like their photo? They have gone bald, gained 75 pounds and are at least 5 inches shorter than what they say. Let's not even start with the I look younger than my age crap.....

So with that said I set up a date with this man. I showed up first because back then all this made me so nervous I needed to order a drink. I knew once I relaxed then I could be my normal funny, not be overly chatty, figety or unable to make eye contact self. I was talking with the bartender having a good time when I caught his reflection in the mirror. He was a good looking man and he was every bit as tall as he said, over 6 feet for sure. He put his hand on my stool and leaned over to introduce himself. He was smooth.

I too was very calm and collected by that point (drink now being digested). I shook his hand as I was already sitting and was not about to get up. He sat, we began to talk, he ordered his drink and I had a second one. He told me where he was from and how he was that Mr. Bodybuilder or something to that nature. I believed him as he was in very good shape even for his age. Plus those things can be varified if I really wanted to.

We talked a bit about each of our lives and he was pouring on the charm. Flirting came very easy for this guy that's for sure. I felt like the prey animal being hunted by the big cats. Luckily I can hold my own and it did not intimidate me just made me cocky. We decided to order dinner and we ate. The date concluded with him walking me to my car and kissing me goodbye. Nice kiss too.

He asked me out on a second date which I said yes to. I guess I wanted to see if it was a fluke or was this really a nice man with good manners and attractive? I thought I hit the jackpot for a change instead of constantly loosing. Second date went equally as well and there was lots more flirting and more of his advances of more touching my hands or thigh when he talked and so on. He once again gave me a nice good bye kiss and I was on my way.

Now it's 4th of July weekend and I invite him to a party. He can't go he is working, he owns his own business. I think I'll being kind and bringing him food from the party/picnic. I call he gives me the address and I run it by. A little nervous but confident he's safe and won't kill me. I get to his home and he is happy to see me, polite and in a good mood. He lets me in and the first thing I observe is how clean it is. He's a man so I'm surprised I guess. I start to unpack the food in the kitchen for him to eat. He suggests we sit down on the couch where he begins to eat.

This is where I am sitting talking and just start to glance around my surroundings. First thing I notice is about a 16 inch statue of a mostly nude, well endowed medieval looking woman warrior on the coffee table. Ok, slight surprise but it is a guy for goodness sake. I then glance at the walls to see what looks like castles and medieval looking art on each wall. I continue to scan the room and then really see just how many freaking dragons are there in this room, I can't count that high. They are dragon coffee tables, end tables, candle stick holders, coasters, dragons on just about everything possible. I think there was even a dragon clock.

So the man like dragons, I guess everyone has something they really like. I'm trying really hard to not judge here so stop laughing. He finishes eating and wants to show me around. He takes me to see all the dragons then starts up the staircase which now turns to really ornate well endowed, naked gladiator looking woman. I mean with breasts the size of small countries. Now I see why he asked me out, I'm getting nervous. He takes me into a room where he admits that he paints dragons for all his family and friends as presents and shows me the whole closet full of more than dozens of dragon things.

I start to walk out when I notice to my left a photo of a pair of womens breasts, his ex-girlfriends breasts he admits. Ok now the anxiety goes up a notch. He walks me into his bedroom where it is cloaked with heavy red velvet draperies from ceiling to floor. The bed is covered in the same crimson velvet and there is a giant I mean giant boom box on the dressing table, I'm afraid of what he's trying to drown out with music. There are large candelabras on the night stands and a huge metal bed, I'm now freaked out and want to run.

I turn to leave and head downstairs to start packing the food supplies/platters that I need to return to the party. I leave whatever food I don't want to take the time to even deal with this. He asks me to come sit on the couch for a moment which like a dope I do. He takes my hands and asks "do you want to go back upstairs and stay?" Oh lord that is when I jump up and say "no thank you" I must run and run I did.

His nickname for story purposes is Dragon Man. I don't remember or use their real names since they don't last long so I just use nicknames, it's easier. He tried to contact me a few times and I politely declined then never heard from him again. I feel like I dodged a bad costume with that one. I can see how he wanted me to dress and I wanted nothing to do with that.

Once again girls my advice is to NOT do what I did here. This was a long time ago and I say get to know them really really well before you ever decide to go to someones home where no one can hear you scream for help. Not sure if I was in danger but wasn't gonna stick around to find out. Note to self: do not date a man with weird obsession with DRAGONS.


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