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The Secrets to Dating Capricorn Woman

Updated on July 25, 2012

Are you thinking about maybe falling in love with a Capricorn woman? Are you seeking advice on how to deal with dating a Capricorn woman? If so, this is the tongue in cheek astrology article you've been hoping to find! Your Capricorn woman would want you to know all about her in advance, since she won't want to have to tell you twice, so I'd suggest you get cracking and start reading, because of all the signs, the Capricorn woman be the most chameleon-like.

Miss Ambitious

If there's one thing a Capricorn woman wants, it's respect and admiration. But not in the way a Leo woman might want it. No, the Capricorn woman wants to achieve it on merit, rather than naturally inherit it, as you'd expect the queen of the jungle to do. She could work in any field, all that matters to her is that everyone recognizes how talented and successful she is -- that, and she wants the security that comes along with such things. It's not that she's greedy, she's just afraid of a life without security.

Miss Concealiality

The Capricorn woman tends to always look like she's got things under control. She looks like she's got a handle on her emotions and she very well might. Then again, she might just be very good at concealing her temper, as so many of these women are. So don't think that just cos she didn't slap you over the dinner table in the restaurant when you gave your waitress a pat on the derriere means she won't slap you when you get home -- she's just keeping those emotions simmering beneath the lid until she's ready to boil over.

Miss Manners

The Capricorn woman pays more attention to etiquette than many and she'll expect you not to embarrass her with your own. She's very big on appearances, and even if she's not naturally gorgeous, she'll always look well put together, and so will her home and kids. She'd probably like it if you could play along and keep up a good appearance as well. She'll also expect you to be kind and inviting to her family, because they pretty much come with her as part of the deal. No, they won't need to move into the guestroom, but they will be a big part of her life, so do yourself a favor and keep the in-law jokes to yourself cos she be real sensitive to those things.

The Basics:

  • How to flirt with a Capricorn woman: Compliment her on her success
  • How to tick Capricorn woman off: Talk trash about her family

  • How to scare Capricorn woman off: Prove yourself financially irresponsible

  • How to get Capricorn woman back: Show her how secure a lifestyle you can provide for her, and then do it!


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