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Tips for Dating a Sagittarius Woman

Updated on July 25, 2012

Just as I began this article on Sagittarius women I was thinking about the fact that I've never had a single Sagittarius female friend. And then I was thinking about the fact I couldn't recall even knowing any of them. Given that I'm an Aries and the two signs tend to get on well together, I was then thinking how odd this was -- and then I realized why. My mother is a Sagittarius. I'll leave that where it is and you can deduce what you like from it, but suffice it to say I've had my share of personal experiences with Sagittarius women, even if my brain blocked it all out at first! So if you'd care to know more about them, have a read and enjoy this tongue in cheek article on dating Sagittarius women.

The Basics:

  • How to flirt with a Sagittarius woman: Be carefree and exciting
  • How to tick a Sagittarius woman off: Be demanding

  • How to scare a Sagittarius woman off: Ask her to marry you too soon

  • How to get a Sagittarius woman back: Beg, grovel and grovel some more -- but it still might not work!

Miss Blunt

The Sagittarius woman says what she's thinking, even if you'd rather she didn't, and even if it serves absolutely no purpose to point out your hair was cut way too short and will take eons to grow back now. She's a master of stating the obvious, rubbing your nose in it, and then forcing you to dwell on it when you'd rather forget it and get over it. It's not because she wants to be mean, she just enjoys remarking on reality. It's like a hobby. So do yourself a favor. If you know your butt looks big in something but you really want someone to be kind and tell you it doesn't -- ask someone else!

Dragon Lady

Sunny and optimistic as a Sagittarius woman can be, she's still a fire sign and she can still burn your backside if you tick her off. You know that dragon from Shrek? The one who went mental when Donkey politely declined her efforts at cross-breeding? Yeah, she didn't take that too well, did she? You just remember that scene the next time you're contemplating telling a Sagittarius woman something she might find offensive.

Can you say please?

If you can't, you will likely never get nothing you want from a Sagittarius woman. They really get hung up on that word and will let the whole world go to hell in a handbasket if you don't use it often enough. Most people in relationships are comfortable asking with an implied please once in a while. Not her, nuh-uh. You want something, you ask with a please, otherwise you get nothing.

Miss Independent

The Sagittarius woman comes right from the great outdoors. She's usually sporty but even if she's not, she's still got that carefree outdoorsy personality. Most people eat that crap up, but if you're in a relationship with a Sagittarius it could be exhausting from time to time so don't be afraid to be blunt (just like she is) and tell her you need to relax. Hell, she'll probably be happy to go climb Everest on her own and send you a postcard when she gets to the top. She's not needy or clingy and she expects you to be the same.


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