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How to Date a Virgo Woman

Updated on July 25, 2012

If you're clueless about what it's like to date a Virgo woman, this tongue in cheek dating article might shed some light on her for you. Virgo chick can be pretty cool but she can also be pretty annoying with her penchant for being on time and other things lazy people like myself have trouble conforming to. But if you're not a lazy tart like myself, you might just be compatible with a Virgo woman. Let's take a look, shall we?

Miss Get up and Go

When Virgo women decides to accomplish something, she does it. She's very good at following through and this makes her a good, reliable companion. But she's not very forgiving if you start something and don't follow through yourself. She needs a partner in the truest sense of the word. She needs to know she can count on you for everything and anything. And we can understand that, can't we? Sure we can. Moral of the story, lazy bastards need not apply cos she ain't got time for you lot.

The Criticizer

Virgo chick has some serious opinions and she will gladly share them with you. She will even provide pie charts and other resourceful tools to prove how correct she is as she picks your character apart. No, no, I'm kidding. But you'll get the distinct impression she had a set made up and the only reason she's not utilizing them while chastising you is cos she left them at home by accident. Never fear, she will have committed all of your faults to memory, and you'll still get the long version before it's over.

Miss Proper

Don't be vulgar, and things will be cool. Don't be a slob, and she'll be cool with your clothes. Don't be late and she'll be cool with your dates. Don't be too affectionate in public and she might be cool with holding hands. Not that she's a cold fish -- she's actually pretty romantic when everything's going well, but she doesn't enjoy having an audience so don't expect much in the way of public displays of affection.

The Basics:

  • How to flirt with a Virgo woman: Exude propriety
  • How to tick a Virgo woman off: Be late or be vulgar

  • How to scare a Virgo woman off: Make her feel like she can't count on you

  • How to get a Virgo woman back: Admit that everything was your fault, no ifs, ands or buts.


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