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How to Date a Gemini Woman

Updated on July 25, 2012

Met a Gemini woman, have you? Want to know the skinny on what makes her tick? Wondering if it's true what they say about Geminis? Hoping this tongue in cheek astrological dating article will help you understand your Gemini woman better than you already do? Well, sorry to tell you mate, but Gemini women are all mad in one way or another. Oh, sure; the same thing can be said about all women. But never quite so often, nor quite as emphatically, as it can be said about the Gemini woman!

Miss Jekyll and Miss Hyde

The Gemini woman can go from being the coolest woman on Earth to being the most psychotic, unstable nutter in less time than it would take you count to 1. And when she undergoes this transformation, I do hope you're wearing a cup, my friend -- cos if you're not, you may well find yourself unable to bear children shortly thereafter. But please don't take it too personally; the Gemini woman is an equal opportunity offender, and she's just as neurotic and psychotic to her best friend and siblings as she is to the men in her life. Besides, she's got a silver tongue and will be able to talk her way out of anything insane you've just watched her do; this woman could convince you the sky was purple if you let her gab long enough.

The Basics:

  • How to flirt with a Gemini woman: Spoil her
  • How to tick a Gemini woman off: Stop paying attention to her

  • How to scare a Gemini woman off: Play on her insecurities

  • How to get a Gemini woman back: Ask. It's usually that easy.

Miss Sybil

You may have heard that the Gemini woman has two distinct personalities. This isn't quite true -- it's more like 10. To entertain these multiple versions of self, the Gemini woman may have an equal number of men to match up with these characters who live in her psyche. I know a Gemini woman who had no less than 5 boyfriends at one time. Not that all Gemini women do this sort ot thing. And not that all Gemini women are nutters. Mathematically speaking, they can't be. Right??

The Serial Dater

The Gemini woman has a hard time committing (any of her personalities) to taking things to the next level. It's not uncommon for her to have been engaged a number of times, but never have been married because she backs out at the last minute. Think Runaway Bride meets Sybil. This may be because she's never, ever satisfied. She's always looking for the perfect guy, but the perfect guy doesn't exist. This is another reason she may have multiple boyfriends at the same time, to be able to experience the traits she wants in a man, but can't find all in one place.

The Social Butterfly

Gemini woman loves to be a party attraction. She's very social and makes friends with men and women everywhere. She likes to be revered and admired and will do her best to be that person at every party. People think she's the coolest person in the room and she often is. And if she ain't, she's got the coolest person in her pocket so it's the same difference in the end. This chick is always in the VIP room! She hates to be idle for too long and can easily go out every night of the week for weeks on end, even in middle age! She's like the energizer bunny, but jes a lil' bit crazy.


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