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Dreaming About Your Lover ( Ultimate Explanations And Signs ) - Romance -

Updated on January 21, 2015 | Source


Do you know that sometimes when you dream about someone knowing that you guys haven't met in a long time, it means that he/she could probably be thinking about you and about meeting you? - The true meaning to this would be: He/she's missing you!

Let's continue our romance related dreams explanations now and if you haven't read these articles below, then check them out right now! They include more situations, images, things and dreams meanings and explanations about your lover!

More Meanings

- If you dream about hugging your lover in a very weird way: You might have wrong expectations for something = disappointment.

- If you dream about hugging your lover in the same way you hug him/her in reality then it means the opposite of the meaning mentioned above: Your expectations to something would be true and the dream also indicates other signs like seeing your lover or getting support from her/him or a regular friend.

-If you dream that you're next and with your lover in a car without knowing the place that you guys would be heading to in the dream or while not paying attention to the road, it means: You might get an argument, either with your lover, friend, family member or others.

- If you see yourself being with your lover in the middle of a huge traffic, it means: Your plans will not get accomplished due to certain circumstances or you will be having some failures in a research or a job or a mission. | Source


- If you dream that you're hanging around on bicycles with your lover and if you feel delighted during this trip, it means: You guys will be having good times together and life will show you the true happiness of being around and with your lover - in reality -

- If you dream about receiving flowers from your lover, it means: general healing or happiness is coming to your way or a renewal of a relationship or a great luck or an agreement.

- If you dream about receiving a gift from your lover, it means: You will be getting some good news about someone you love - could be a friend, a family member, your lover or others - the same meaning goes for when you dream about getting or handling your lover a gift.

To be continued, make sure to follow this post as I will be adding the link to more situations and meanings here and for the other previous articles linked in the above section here.

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