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Sixth Sense & Dreams: Water Signs (Cancer - Scorpio - Pisces)

Updated on November 14, 2014 | Source

The Sixth Sense & Dreams

The levels of the six senses which the human beings have - if used correctly during our consciousness times - they can contribute into letting us know brilliant hidden signs and information through the dreams that we see and by catching the vibrations that our unconsciousness have.

Also, a lot of times we see things in our dreams that get explained the next day - not necessarily giving the same exact explanation but they work as signs- example: When we see someone in our dreams who we have not seen in quite a long time,then we hear some news about him/her the next day or he/she might reconnect or we might see him/her.

How do dreams work with the six senses for water signs? ( Cancer - Scorpio - Pisces )


In general, dreams get mixed up on cancers ,they range between the abducted dreams, real ones and the dream that expose what's inside somethings, that's because of their pessimistic,mysterious nature and their constant feelings of being unsettled/unstable.

They see the mysterious and the foggy things, they get attracted to the distant objects and the magical affairs.

They see future dreams especially those who are cancers.

Their characters: they have a strong intuition, they don't perceive things quickly but they always get ready for any upcoming event/incident, they have got views for distant things. Most of their dreams point to financial issues, failure,success and everything that has to do with emotional affairs.


Is the strongest between all the other water/aquatic signs,they've got the sixth sense and part of them have psychic abilities that can help them sometimes to expect many important things, most of their dreams include strength or defensive or emotional things, also include revenge and victory. | Source


It's not easy to get to know them deeply: Their characters include the good and evil, autism and opening up to society and life, not religious.

Pisces sign is a synonym to dream, adoration,delicate sense,mystery and clarity, With outsmart.

People who are born with a Pisces signs have the sixth sense and some of their dreams indicate: Emotional relationships or financial & health hardships.

Interesting Facts About Dreams:

- Researchers have found that all people can dream, even animals.

- A lot of great inventions were inspired by dreams such as the invention of the needle for sewing, Benzene discovery, Chemical transmission for nerve impulses and some others.

- Your sleep position can have many explanations about your character.

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