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Dreams Explanation: Dreaming About Your Gf / Bf

Updated on November 17, 2014 | Source

Dreams Explanation: Dreaming About The Lover

What's more beautiful than dreaming about your lover?

This article will be mentioning more situations and more images along with their meanings and signs, make sure to check out the previous articles that have more situations to explain and more meanings!

Don't let your dream pass you like that, dreams do really have hidden signs and messages and if you follow their details carefully you can start expecting what's possible of happening.

Of course, not all explanations can give you exact and correct meanings because things differ and every single little detail is to be counted and followed so don't just depend on the explanation of a single situation.

For example, your clothes colors in the dream have something to add to the meaning of your dream, the height of your lover, the look, the style, the watch you've looked at, the bird that passed by, the song you've heard with him/her and other things - that's if you remember noticing this particular scene -

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- If you dream about seeing your lover having a tattoo(s) on a part of his/her body or face [ and if in reality he/she really has this/these tattoo(s) ] then it means: He/she is very honest with you and that he/she would probably never attempt cheating on you.

If in reality, your bf/gf don't have this/these tattoo(s) then it means the opposite of what's mentioned above. | Source

Explanations To Some Situations And Images About Your Lover

-If you dream that you hand is in your lover's hand, it means: You guys have a very strong relationship, your love for each other is based upon loyalty and honesty.

- If you dream about trying to hold your lover's hand or if you see that you guys are already holding hands but if he/she suddenly let go of your hand then it means that there will be something -related to betrayal- happening, perhaps you're the one who will be cheating or your lover - it can also cause a general betrayal - not necessarily between you and your lover.

-If you see pimples on your lover's face, it means: there's no loyalty in your relationship with him/her and this dream also indicates something about spreading a secret or something that you're really not comfortable with or it can mean that your lover is talking about you behind your back.

- If you dream about fighting with your lover, it means: Your relationship with your lover will get refreshed and renewed, new beautiful things will come up to flourish your relationship with your lover and this dream also indicates something about getting a beautiful romantic date or an invitation for launch or dinner from your lover.

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