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Dreaming About Your Lover? Here's What Your Dream Means!

Updated on November 17, 2014 | Source

Dreaming About Your Lover

Who doesn't dream about their gf's/bf's? We all dream about these things and we all sometimes feel the need to explain and know what these dreams mean and what could be the possible signs that they would be giving us.

Not all explanations can be attributed to your dream a lot of things affect the explanation of the dream, every single little detail can mean something or a sign.

Sometimes, your dreams about your lover won't necessarily have an explanation if and only if you were thinking about him/her before you sleep, thoughts can become live in our dreams so we have to take note of this, what you think of becomes live in your dream so this dream would have resulted because of your thoughts and not randomly, I hope you get the point.

Now let's mention some of the situations that you might see with your lover in your dream along with their meanings.

Different Dreams, Situations & Images Meanings

- If you see your lover's face so beautiful: It means that he/she loves you & if the lover's face seems to be more beautiful than what you're familiar with then it means that he/she is loyal and honest.

-If you dream that your lover loves you in a very irregular and an over-reacted way then it means that he/she is deceiving you and he/she's just playing with your emotions.

-If you ream that your lover has dumped you it means that he/she will really dump you.

-If you dream that your lover doesn't love you, it means that he/she is loyal in his/her love with you.

- If you dream about meeting your lover it means that you will really see him/her.

- If you see your lover with another unknown lover in the dream it means that your lover might attempt to hurt you, so be careful! Well unless the dream is resulted because of your obsessions and thoughts about your lover. | Source

More Situations

- If you dream about your lover giving you a promise or assuring something to you then it indicates " Betrayal".

- If in reality your lover is absent because of a trip or a travel plan or an argument and if you see that you have met him/her in the dream or if you dream about receiving a message from him/her then it means that you will be getting some news about him/her or a call or see him/her.

Please continue to part one for more meanings and explanations for your dreams about your lover.

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