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Expressing Your Needs – Tips For Communicating in Relationships For Women

Updated on June 23, 2011
Calm Communication is Beautiful
Calm Communication is Beautiful | Source

Ok ladies we know what we want, we know in a relationship what we are not getting. We know when we are getting frustrated because there are some of our needs that are not being met. Here’s the problem; our mates are not mind readers. Here’s a tip; there’s a way to communicate these feelings to your mate without being confrontational or feeling like you’re nagging them.

Many times we let frustrations build up then once we can’t take it anymore we let it go and it turns into a battle instead of solving anything. At this point now it has turned into something else. Secret; this is not communicating its creating an unwanted dispute.

Every husband, friend and male wants to feel respected and so do us ladies. If that is the case why not speak in a respectful way to convey your feelings before it gets out of hand and turns into a screaming match.

Here’s an example as you are sitting down to dinner…, “Honey there’s been something I wanted to talk to you about.” Or, while talking on the phone during the day why not say, “I know you’ve had a hard day at work, how about at dinner we talk about a couple of things I’ve been thinking about.”

Ever thought about setting up a nice weekend away to spend quality time together; make sure it’s non confrontational and then have loving one on one talk maybe over a bottle of a nice wine. Another tip is it never solves anything to try and put all the blame on your mate. In a relationship nine times out of ten it takes two, everyone contributes a little, so be responsible and take a little blame also.

When a relationship breaks down, it means communication has stopped on both ends. Learn how to communicate without finger pointing; this will never ever solve an issue. Before you say anything, think of how you would feel if your mate said to you what you are about to convey to them. If words communicated are seasoned with salt, meaning is said kindly you can almost say anything. Think about if you were in the other persons shoes how would you want to be approached and spoken to.

Never let issues or concerns build up for long then resentment builds up then you don’t care how it’s communicated. That will usually end up with much more resentment and those needs that you feel weren’t met will never be met. The biggest tip is to take time and think of your words, how you would feel in the other persons’ shoes. You have needs that should be met and so does your mate. Be considerate in expressing your needs. Communication is a beautiful thing if communicated in the right way.


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    • HattieMattieMae profile image

      HattieMattieMae 6 years ago from Limburg, Netherlands

      maybe perhaps taking responsibility for our needs emotionally, spiritually, and physically and becoming whole and complete as well would do justice. Letting go of expectations and letting a man be himself and not expect him to change to meet our needs. Usually when we expect him to change is when we need to change vice versus!