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How To Make A Man Love You Again - Continued

Updated on January 21, 2015 | Source

In Part One

I've mentioned some little tips in part one, now let's move on with this part - which is the part that should tell you whether to continue or not -

See How Things Go

After these little conversations you can get an idea of whether there's a hope of getting him back or not, if you feel like he takes just too long to reply every time you send him a message and if his replies appear to be written without any attention or interest then you should probably forget about him and just move on with your life, you're beautiful and I'm sure there are many other men who dream to be with you - I don't know how you look like but I believe that everyone is beautiful in his/her own way - So, keep your pride girl! No one deserves you getting out of your rules and losing your pride.

Remember that there's nothing that can play with someone's free-will, acting like a total obsessed and a crazy ex won't get him back for sure, it will actually make him run away further! You wouldn't love it too to have someone who keeps on sticking to you, would you?

As the quote says " Set a bird free and if he comes back then he's meant to be yours but if he doesn't come back to you then he's not meant to be yours " , set your beloved one free and see what happens, in the end this is life it's just full of break ups and make outs and you'll be getting these until you find the right one and that's after gaining experience from all of your past relationship experiences.

Be strong and never look back! What's gone is gone and it happened for a reason, it has also taught you many lessons so never regret anything you've done because what you've done made you the person you are right now! | Source

If He Seems Interested?

If you notice that he's being interested in what you're sending and if he's getting more engaged with questions and answers along with smileys and things then now you can have a hope of getting him back to your nest again, remember to stay normal and for example when he tells you " Good night ", tell him "okay, talk later Good night" with a smiley and a little flower.

The next day, don't send him anything and see if he sends you something and if he doesn't send you anything you can send him a message or something but don't make him feel like you're desperate and lonely or something, try to not mention any affectionate words let him know that you're not "his" and he doesn't own you whenever he feels like taking you back.

If it happens that you guys meet again face to face, be totally normal, you may kiss him on his cheek and be cool, start playing your " hard to get " game but don't make it obvious to him, if he approaches you for a smack or a french kiss, just move your head aside and don't explain why! Let him think about this, just smile and change the subject, tell him a little joke or a story and make him forget about this for that moment but when he reaches home, he'll be thinking of this his whole night! I'm sure! Also make sure to not give up yourself and your body to him if it happens that you feel you guys are getting back together, make him miss you more and more!

Remember that noticing that he's desiring you doesn't mean that he's in love with you again! Just take it slowly and control yourself, I'm sure you can!

I hope you find these tips helpful, if you have anything more to add then please feel free to write it in the comments box section.


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