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Write a letter to yourself

Updated on September 4, 2013

Does it look odd or irrational to do such a thing?
Actually, it is not an irrational attempt to write down a few lines describing your dreams and expectations.
Maybe each one of you, including me, has a long term experience by writing on your diary or memoirs of each day.
This private writing is different from posting your letter to yourself and shares all your thoughts with yourself.
It is a warm message that comes within us and allows us to supervise our capability to control ourselves, to gain inspiration, self esteem and faith in ourselves.

How much inspiration could a pen and a paper infuse in our life?

Remember that

most of us constantly criticize ourselves for not being the perfect persons we should be, as we perceive ourselves from a less admirable level.

Inspiration is Abundance...

It looks like sweet wine over our thirsty lips, for all our life is a great thirst.
We are thirsty for being loved and adorable .
We are thirsty of the perfume of life's eternal attraction.
So pen and paper are our strong weapons in space time.
By writing a letter we let our conscious self to coincide with our "real self" that resides within us and unfortunately this real self is evolved in thousands miserable thoughts and obsessions.
So this is the beginning for a beneficial journey to our inner self .

At least we should discover the right instructions here and start healing ourselves!
Watch out how much relieving this activity is!

When In a emotional battle should we

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How to ...

Find a pen and a paper, and a quiet place. No one should interrupt .It would be nice to light a candle.
Then relax and close your eyes. Let yourself breathe and exhale and hear the sounds around you.
Feel as if you are embraced by a cloud of white light rushing through upper chakra (top of head).
You are circled by an intellectual river of Love, protected and loved by Guardian angels.

Use this meditation to relax...

Concentrate to your heart chakra (chest) and feel all this loving Light as a vivid intellectual river of Love.
Imagine that's the place where your real self abides .Your real self is a compassionate and loving entity that knows everything about you, your expectations, your dreams.
Open your eyes and start writing a warm and full of tender letter to yourself.
Consider yourself as a brilliant one. You can write about your achievement, but you can also write about how important in your life is to fulfill your dreams.

Please do not forget to write about gratitude and thankfulness and positive attitude in this life path.
It is necessary to fold your letter and place it somewhere where you can open it later on and read what you wrote time ago.

Then you will realize how much appreciation you could derive from yourself and in what point you could heal yourself from non loving thoughts and deeds.


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