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How to Control your Man Part 7

Updated on August 10, 2012

He should be Your Unwitting Puppet

Men don't like to be controlled.

Try out these tips and techniques on your way to expertdom, but don't let the man in question ever suspect what you are up to. Never, ever! Let him catch you discussing your strategy with other women and all is lost!

From the stone-age, men haven't changed. Men want to be looked up to, to dominate and not be dominated, and believe in what is actually a myth: women are the weaker sex! One lady I know manages perfectly by appearing to be totally powerless, leaning on his 'strong' shoulders and generally pampering his masculine illusions. I should know, she's my wife! Even I, having expert knowledge of most strategies in the battle of the sexes, fall for a new one of hers sometimes. Oh well, can't win all the time!

So remember that Men don't like to be controlled and make your first mate feel like the captain! (I didn't mean first hubby; that was a nautical allusion! Nautical, not naughty!)

Save this text in a hidden folder. Don't let him catch you reading it!

Of course, there's the other type of man who prefers to lie back and let the woman do all the work. Not just in the bedroom, silly! These men, if they are lucky, marry mother-figures, who are clearly stronger and wiser. For this kind of man, you don't need books like these. You say 'Go!' and he goeth. You say 'Come!' and he cometh.

No, I'm still not talking dirty!


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    • Kenny Wordsmith profile image

      Ashok Rajagopalan 7 years ago from Chennai

      Thank you, SJ, for liking my line. :))

      I know, she's so smart like in art lies in concealing art. :D

    • ahostagesituation profile image

      SJ 7 years ago

      That, "I should know, she's my wife," line rules! Hilarious! Stop making it so easy for her ;-). Women, smart women anyway, just pay a lot of attention and are sensitive to how their man reacts to something. We store this in our, "I'm never, ever going to forget that," file in our heads, and pull it out when we need it later.

    • Kenny Wordsmith profile image

      Ashok Rajagopalan 9 years ago from Chennai

      Thank you, Jason!

    • Jason Stanley profile image

      Jason Stanley 9 years ago

      Goeth and cometh? How cooleth...

    • Kenny Wordsmith profile image

      Ashok Rajagopalan 9 years ago from Chennai

      Yes, but I don't mind hearing it again. You know what big egos we have. :)

      Thank you again, Michelle.

    • ripplemaker profile image

      Michelle Simtoco 9 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      IF we can make our partners feel good, the relationship is definitely on the right track ======= :-) I like your humor kenny. But i already told you that before. :-)

    • Kenny Wordsmith profile image

      Ashok Rajagopalan 10 years ago from Chennai

      Yes, Iðunn, she is that! I'll also tell her you said so, and that will give me extra mileage in the sea of matrimony.


    • profile image

      Iðunn 10 years ago

      Your wife sounds terrific. There is nothing weak about loving someone enough to allow them to feel good about taking care of you.

    • Kenny Wordsmith profile image

      Ashok Rajagopalan 10 years ago from Chennai

      You didn't tell me, but men do mistakes like that; they don't know what they seek. I learnt to survive by thinking like a woman myself, and am not ashamed of it!

      Sweet Dreams, G-Ma, God bless you! 

    • G-Ma Johnson profile image

      Merle Ann Johnson 10 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

      oh yes you is generally sweet...but we are knowing in this world of men..and of course most of us know just what is right for our man....G-Ma :O) tho mine left me after 33 yrs, for a younger woman..or did i already tell you that?? sorry i am tired...good Night and Bless You.....