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How to Fall Out of Love from Someone You Love?

Updated on September 22, 2012

Falling in love is easy. A gaze, a smell, a touch, a smile and a wink would get you somewhere from the one you are eying on. However, if the one you are eying on doesn't make a move, but just keep on winking, smiling and giving you signs that he likes you, yet never tells it to you; girl, you can either make a move or walk away.

But if you are the girl who are shy and just the type who are waiting for that guy to asks you on a date, then- girl, stop dreaming. Move on and say yes to that someone who keep asking you on a date.

But hold on. Ain't that easy, right? Hanging out with a guy that you don't like may seems unfair to that guy. The first thing you need to do is to get out from that feeling of love from that elusive, evasive guy. Here's some tips to do that:

1. Don't assume to much.

You are hanging out with him for a longer while and girl, you are assuming that it will lead you both into something magical. Well, get a grip girl. Five years with him and nothing happens, stop assuming.

2. Distance yourself with him. Slowly.

He keeps inviting you to some place such as bowling, tennis, dinner parties, group dates and everywhere and hey, nothing happens. No string attach or whatsoever. And yet, when you keep on hanging out with him, your feelings for that person grows like a beans stalk of Jack the Beanstalk. Slowly, distance yourself with him. In the long run, your feelings will ease down a bit.

3. Stop listening to his exes, past and baggage.

Well, isn't it why you two are close? He tells you about his exes and how he ended up with that ex. You listens, he talks, you develops feeling over him. And boom- you are in love. Well, stop listening for a while. Lets see if he comes to you eagerly.

4. No calls. No text. Nothing.

Constant communications helps your feelings for him to grow. If you want to get out from him, cutting down your communications with him may slow down your feelings over him. If that helps, why not?

5. Control yourself when he keeps on giving you signs.

He winks at you? Great. He smiles at you and laugh at you, the what? Maybe, it is only you who are in love with him and you just miscalculated that actions with love. Then, if you can control yourself from his constant flirting, it will help you a lot.

Maybe you are not for him and him, not for you. Maybe, he is just aim for friendship. But since, you can't help but falling in love with him, to distance yourself with him, maybe good for your heart.


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