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How to Keep a Man Interested in You

Updated on April 8, 2013

6 Tips For Keeping a Man Interested in You!

Life has a lot of ups and unexpected downs, but one of the biggest fears of any woman is losing her man. Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that you man sticks with you. Pore over the following editorial and learn a few tips on keeping a man.

Tip #1 Being Passive… Though many people think otherwise, being passive in the relationship or worse agreeing to each and everything he says without questioning doesn't work. Being passive will make you negligible while doing everything he wants makes you inferior in the relationship. As a consequence, he starts falling out of love as his strong attraction to you gets weaker and weaker. In addition to that, your self-esteem and feelings disappear as you become passive. If this continues, he will realize that he needs somebody who has feelings, esteem and opinions, probing him to leave you.

Tip #2 Being Aggressive… Aggressiveness doesn't work either. Ignoring his feeling, self-esteem and desires so you can get your way starts to makes him feel negligible in the relationship. If you make use of attack and anger to get something that you want, then he will soon be overwhelmed by the desire to opt out of this abusive relationship. You should therefore learn how to tame your aggression and communicate your feelings to your man.

Tip #3 Using Guilt… A man, just like anybody else, would feel used when he realizes that you manipulated him into doing something. Steer away from using guilt or tears just to make him do what you want. If the man feels used, then he will leave you so as to protect his self-respect. Just like in the aforementioned tip, it trickles down to communication but above all, respect your man.

Tip #4 Being Assertive… Being assertive can build and cement your relationship, so they say, and true to this mantra, expressing your feelings, opinion in a respectful manner can help when it comes to keeping a man. Learn to disagree with him devoid of falling back to passivity, tears and anger. Interact in a respectful way.

Tip #5 Keep Him Guessing… To keep him guessing and attracted to you, alleviate the predictability factor in the relationship. Change what you talk about, how you communicate, how you dress and things that you do. Creating that level of unpredictability will definitely make and keep him interested in you and further proceed to developing a formidable level of closeness.

Tip #6 Keep You Individuality… Alongside the aforementioned tips on keeping a man, make sure that you retain your character, attitude and personality. Maintain that person that your man fell in love with. According to Forleo, a relationship expert, being yourself allows you to be comfortable and gives you the opportunity to bond freely.

Besides the above mentioned tips on keeping a man, make sure that you love him, flirt with him, share his interests and be happy. Donald Petty in his book "how to Catch and Keep a Man" explains that a man will always strive to make his woman happy, but if the woman continues to be gloomy and moody, he will give up and retreat.


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