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What Do You Want From a Man in a Relationship

Updated on April 8, 2013

21 Traits That a Woman Wants From a Man in a Relationship!

Women want many things from their man. This list will help enlighten you about some of these desires.

1. Maturity. Men have to be mature and ready to commit to a relationship. Men have to figure out what it takes to be a good husband and father.
2. Money. Men need to have a good job to be able to support a family.
3. Respect. Women want respect and men must avoid bullying them around. Men should not use their superior strength against women, but instead use it to protect them.
4. Communication. A woman wants to see that a man is able to talk with her rationally and intellectually.
5. A great lover. Men need to be great lovers and be able to talk with their woman after making love to them.
6. Thoughtfulness. Men have to remember the special dates of their woman.

7. Romance. Women want to feel loved, and men should do romantic gestures to keep them happy and fulfilled in the relationship.
8. Women love to feel envied. They want men that make them feel envied by other women. If a woman sees that a man is romantic and crazy in love with her, she will love that man even more. Men should take the lead and make their woman feel adored by them.
9. Appreciation. Women love to feel appreciated by their man. Each time you see something remarkable in your woman, tell her that you appreciate what you see.
10. Make her proud. A woman that knows that her man is successful and happy with his life will love him even more.
11. Luck of the draw. Women want to feel they are lucky with the man they choose. If their friends talk about how nice a man is, her girlfriend or wife will blush and feel lucky to have them.
12. Surprises. Women love surprises. Take her to a ball, undress and dress her with gorgeous clothes, and so on.13. Make her laugh. You do not need to be always serious with the woman you love. Make her laugh and show her that you are funny all year round.

What do you Want From a Man in a Relationship? - More Ideas

14. Communication. In a national Magellan Poll, bad communication in men was shown to be the cause of 19% of divorces.
15. Take on responsibilities of the household. Men need to be responsible for anything related to the household. They should show their woman they can not only handle home repairs, but also help with cleaning.
16. Spend time at home. Men tend to spend too much time with their friends away from home, and this is a great mistake. Men should make sure to set aside time to spend with their woman at home.
17. Avoid the television. Men should avoid spending too much time watching TV. This situation takes away attention from the woman and might hurt the relationship. Instead, use television time to watch shows you both can enjoy together.

18. Women want men with a purpose or mission in life. Men should be ambitious and determined to get what they want in life and women will be happy to be by their side.
19. Pay attention to the small details. Women love men who pay attention to their needs and wants.
20. Be a good listener. Women do not want men who solve all their problems. They prefer good listeners. If a woman shows that she is unhappy or upset, a boyfriend or husband must show respect and understanding of the situation.
21. Equality. Men must consider women as equals and not put them down in any way.


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