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How to Get a Man and Keep Him

Updated on April 8, 2013

7 Tips For Getting and Keeping a Man.

1. Be yourself...You might be lured to pretend to be someone else on the first day you meet a man. It is not bad trying to make a good impression but avoid taking it too far and pushing the man away. Be cautious when it comes to dressing sexy and a lot of flirtation. If you dress provocatively you might not attract men who respect women bodies and a man will not take you seriously. Be yourself, and a genuine man will respect you.

2. Smile regularly... Smile is the best tool, totally free and always available. Sparkle a real smile frequently whether meant for your guy or not. A smile makes you appear approachable and can actually make you happier. After making eye contact with the man you like, try a slow smile allowing it spread over your face! To make really irresistible, blush and face down when he is looking at you.

3. Look good... Keep your hair neat and style it nicely. Put on a nice smelling perfume or apply fragranced body lotion. In case you use make ups, go for a simple and gratifying look and avoid overdoing it. Keep your mouth attractive by applying pleasant lip gloss. Use a mouthwash and mints to refresh your breath during the day.

4. Have your own life... Do not act like you are desperate for a boyfriend. In case you have a low self-esteem, work on it first. Pursue your objectives, discover your passions and live a fascinating life. Slowly learn to create trust with a group of people so that you have people to open up to and share your life moments with apart from your boyfriend.

5. Stay cool and relaxed... Most men dislike girls who are jealous, bitchy, and controlling. Learn how to get a man and keep him by relaxing and having fun. Avoid being a high maintenance drama queen. If you make a man's life more difficult than enjoyable, he will lose interest easily. Try showing him real concern when he had a rough day and it will earn you his respect and work towards charming him. Remember a man looks for a girl he can be comfy with.

6. Good communication... If you are wondering how to get a man and keep him, here is a secret. Men frequently misunderstood the delicate message that women transmit trough their body language. Delicate body signs such as a smile make a man think you like him. Slowly introduce more evident body signs such as playful caresses on the arm, humorous banter and teasing, winks, or efforts to discover a man's ticklish areas. Flirting will help to break the physical barrier and enable the man to feel more comfortable when trying to make advances to you. Remember to observe how he reacts.

7. Respect him... The best tip on how to get a man and keep him is being respectful. A man dislikes being near a woman who enfeebles him and he can leave you easily. If he is having a good time with his friends or family take available chances to show your man that he is "the man". It will charm him and you earn his respect.


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