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Great Tips on Keeping a Guy

Updated on April 8, 2013

Here’s 7 Tips to Keep Your Guy.

You are no longer single, you have a good guy by your side and you both love each other. However, you are still not sure on how you can keep the relationship everlasting. There are some simple things that can help you achieve this. Below are some tips for keeping a guy.

*Be honest...Avoid going behind his back and talk about him or even cheat on him. You also have to be honest with yourself; if you make a mistake, don't put the blame on your guy, accept your mistakes, apologize and improve on it. If you feel down, or if he says something that hurts you, be an open person and talk about it. However, be careful not to sound accusing.

*Show affection...This doesn't necessarily mean, kissing your man passionately in public; remember this makes some people very uncomfortable. You may give him a light quick kiss, hold his hand or some light touches on the shoulder. You also needto complement you man; giving complements where due not only makes him feel good but it can greatly boost your man's ego.

*Have confidence...You need to have confidence in yourself and your abilities. One of the attractive attributes to most men is a woman who shows confidence; this shows that you can take care of yourself.

*Be fun to be with... A bit of humor is one of the key to keeping a guy. You can never be serious and always be deep in thought. You have to lighten up plus joke around with your man. This will make him look forward to spending more time with you and especially if he can share a joke with you and laugh with you. If you are the serious type and can’t even crack a smile, then he won't be so happy being around you.

*Make him feel needed... Being the strong woman is a nice thing but never forget that a guy would want to feel needed. Don't push your guy aside, acknowledge the fact that you still need him to protect you and be there for you.

*Allow your guy to live his own life and respect his friends... Stop any form of obsession and thinking that all his time and attention is only for you. A man needs to have his own life, so do not stop him from meeting his friends and also doing things all by his own. You don't need to take things personally if he decides he needs his own space, just let him know you will be there for him.

Keeping a guy requires that you respect the relationship he has with his friends. If decides to spend time with his boys, let him. Don't tolerate then rater relate to them.

*Look good....Try to look your best, am sure he will appreciate your efforts. Most guys don't like showing their girl if they don't take time to look their best. If you look good for him, he would be proud to have you in his arms and above all be happy to you in his life.

One of the best ways to keeping a guy is being yourself. Let him love you for who you are, don't create a totally new person to impress a guy. Pretending will not make the relationship last. Therefore, take your time, learn your man and with the above tips, you can keep him happy and in love with you.


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