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Is He The Right Guy For me? When That Ring Will Never Fit

Updated on December 10, 2012

Men are that breed, that creation needed for a purpose. Look at us, writing on the ladies side!

Depending on the ladies upbringing, they are needed for procreation, love and...rarely commitment. Why is that women, most of them, need a man to be successful?

Here is the ideal scenario, but let's see if you can get all the bliss from a relationship.

A man should:

  1. Be a good lover (one)
  2. Be a great listener (two)
  3. Be a caring person (three)
  4. Be financially secure (four)
  5. And the last one, extremely important regardless of what they told you: Make sure that these 4 guys never meet...!


Aside from funny stories you can realize that the man that you are looking for... is a superhuman. Some might go for the extreme solution of 'multi dating' and accomodate to their needs. However, there are dangers in that way of living; not being secure enough to date one guy at a time will come back to you eventually. There is not perfect crime they say. Sure you are free to live your life to the fullest and on your own terms.

Why is that guys, quality guys, are a rare species?

This is a complex question that requires a careful complex answer. The guys that barely cut your expectations? Yep! They are already taken. Men under 36, are different from their older counterpart. Why is that? Gathering our Science, History and Social studies, we can come up with some answers. Men can be followers or leaders. Some just settle for the smart adjustment to the trend of the year or decade. If Brad Pitt attracts women, some men will try to imitate his style. If George Clooney, takes that tie off and comes to you saying, "Hi! I'm George." Then you young woman, get ready to scream your famous line : 'Oh my God!'

But, excuse me Lord? Why are they so scarce...? Sorry if I sound like a pain...!

If you see some scenes from Hollywood: 'Training day,' '´╗┐Transformers,' 'The Mummy' The lead roles are handed to young actors. John Voight, Robert Vaughn and Al Pacino have to move to more mature characters. What do we see in those characters? Selfishness, lack of feelings and true emotions. This means that your Football player boyfriend will follow that lead. This means that your inside trader boyfriend will be as cold as that cash between his fingers. The new generations never knew of really hard work. How come old couples commited for a lifetime? Just picture your answer with a song from Celine Dion: 'My heart will go on.'

Generations born after the Vietnam era had parents with issues already. Watergate, told our kids that these guys at Pennsylvania Avenue were as normal as any neighbor. Angelina had Jon Voight as her reluctant dad. Tatum O'neil harldy reconciled with dad Ryan. The Wilson Phillip daughters influenced girls their ages. Nowadays those Kardashians are being 'floured' left ad right. Hi Madonna! No! This article is about men... sorry material girl!

How can you find quality men when society is lacking moralities. We already mentioned the troops that came back from war. They are joining a normal life in main street USA. These are the Desert Storm generations that on and off will make headlines, because they have the right to do so.´╗┐


So you mean that I will never find the right guy?

If you are lucky and meet this guy from another planet that was not exposed to the news in the last 25 years, then you can date him for sure. But if you want this 'secret service' type of guy, you are on your own... to walk on that 'mined road.'

How about that Richard Gere, 'an officer and a gentleman'? Hollywood is not real life. When screenwriters come up with a story, they do their best to give you a happy ending. However, real life officers... sometimes won't be there to give you the thrill of your life; the gentleman you are looking for... deep in your heart might be the next actor chosen for 'Sleeping with the enemy 2.' Probably if that officer studied Psychology and had the best upbringing, maybe, perhaps could become the best party. But, did they need Psychology to deal with the Talibans?

Depending on age and experience...

You will deal with a different world that will be laid down to your feet, by the guy of interest. You can go for Chris Hermsworth from Thor the Movie, or you can try our 'Marky' Mark Wahlberg. But Jack Nicholson will be around, just in case you need a more mature party. The sad part is that these people are our own brothers, uncles, and our own family. Dating remind us of that Russian Roullette game... or that quote from Forrest Gump: 'Life is like a piece of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get!'

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth | Source

Clear advise to clear your mind

How can you really find that prince Charm of your dreams?

They are just a dream! Real guys are also trying (and hard) to find ways to date that girl of their dreams. This means that you have to communicate, get the word out and be at the right place and right moment for them to notice you. Patience is a virtue, but texting, driving and eating a sandwich at the same time, can cause an accident... at any second. Watch out!

We said it before: You want to focus first on yourself, maybe a career and then you can face the world more prepared. Love yourself first! Your great grandad used to work hard and faithfully raised his children and the morals were stronger. There was no technology to say, 'I LOVE YOU,' but there was that sincere voice. Nowadays teens and Mark Zuckerberg's FB generation will text you like this: 'Gr8, luv ya! GTG, ttyl! LMAO!'

Can you imagine Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh, texting to each other on the front porch of that Southern Estate? You live your times and you deal with it.

Is that ring going to fit?

You want to make it fit? Or you want to reach out for a miracle. You get your pick! The ring doesn't mean nothing, except a good inspiration for that hit song from Beyonce Knowles. Sometimes we get that pressure from parents that want us to get marry and give them a new 'meaning' to their lives and ours. But remember and listen to us: You are the Countess of your heart and the Governess of your future. Take every day like a new challenge and be positive. A nice smile will bring the attention of better parties. And just keep your mind busy. The rest will fall right into gear when less expected. If you feel that luck ran out, then change strategies and focus on yourself... Again?

Final words with a smile

This guy emails from Germany to the girl he left behind 3 months ago. Ouch! The letter reads like this:

"Martha. I want my pictures back please. I have been dating this bombshell from Ukraine and I don't need problems... so would you be kind enough to erase my pics from your Facebook?"

Martha Furious and dressed to kill, calls Miss revenge. She asks her college girlfriends to ask their 'own brothers' to come for a photo session with her. The hunk brothers show up and make up for the best pics. She uploads the hottest ones, and to make him bite his 'dust of deceiving,' tags his name on all the guys that are making out with her. At the bottom of all these sultry shots she writes: "Excuse me...! What was your name? Can you tell me which one of these guys are you? I don't want your 'new Russian girlfriend' to think that you slept with a slut..."


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