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50 Reasons Why Your Relationship Might Not Be Working...!

Updated on December 10, 2012

Here are just a few reasons, so you make the math.

  1. When you think HP is better than a back massage from your better half.
  2. When you see an ad on TV about Cancun and you don't even ask about 'make it happen.'
  3. When your dog sprinkles its bad intentions on your hubby's sleeper sofa and you just say," he didn't mean it John!"
  4. When you are told by your spouse not to do it.... and you do it again anyways!
  5. When you are reading us, and don't even laugh. "What the heck! My Marriage is not a joke!"
  6. When you go to the forums and drop questions with hidden meanings
  7. When you hear your partner 'screaming' of joy, but you were not with her/him. You are just 'nearing' home, early from work.
  8. When the bank teller asks you if you want your money in an envelope, and you say, "it doesn't matter, all will go to bills!"

9. Your mom ask you to be honest with her, about your partner. Is Mother's day morning.

10. Your boss see changes in you. Like, you don't get his jokes anymore.

11. You read on FaceBook this tagged line: "I won't hit you Bitch! I'm a member of PETA," and uncontrollable start laughing after 10 seconds!

12. When you buy online a nice gift for yourself, but 'accidentally' charged it to your partner's credit card. Or better yet, to his/her PayPal Visa, wiping in seconds those well earned cents from 'adsense.'

13. When you go to bed and say, "there we go again..."

14. When you sing that Twister Sister's song in the shower: "we are not gonna take it!"

15. And accidentally step on a bar soap, and you curse his/her name! (plop)

16. When you mismatch your partner's socks after taking them from the dryer

17. When you order online another nice gift for yourself, but happened to use your partner's adsense Paypal credit card again. Well 50 bucks can buy you a nice necklace by the way!

18. When you want to get away from home for a week

19. When you think an avatar from HP is more interesting than that 'CSI' episode.

20. When you think you made a 'mistake' and... never paid that gas bill.

21. When you are still here reading us and laughing your assets off

22. That rice cooking can wait, that text message can be read later on!

23. When you hide those parking tickets on your glove compartment

24. When you'd rather save some money instead of going to the movies. "Excuse me Lord!?"

25. When you get a call from school about your child, and say, "why in the hell I got involved with this ###."

26. When you get a cat, even though your 'better than nothing' is allergic to them.

27. When you start seeing red instead of fairy blue more than often.

28. When you say you 'pass,' to your partners invitation to the local Zoo. "Enough animals at home."

29. When you want to start all over again: Your brand new car was towed away, after being hit on a parking lot!

30. When you feel like crying; wans't that onion, you just cut yourself.

31. When your partner finds those speeding tickets and this time you choose to hide them behind the car, in the trunk area.

32. When you think you wasted those 14 years! You are still single but with benefits.

33. When you refrain from showing your feelings. She/he might think you are using him/her.

34. When you recieve a call, and they hang up on you.

35. When you want to be alone more than often.

36. When you want to find her/his email password.

37. When you want to join a fitness Club. That treadmill didn't cut it.

38. When you think that 'beauty' is really in the eyes of the beholder

39. When you are still keeping up with us. Your dishes can wait, and that Lasagna too.

40. When you know that love has to be shown every day and every minute, not just at nights for 5 minutes.

41. When you turn on the TV and say to your partner, " She/he looks just like you!"

42. When you look on the internet for ways to hack your partner's Facebook account.

43. When you think your partner's ex, hung up on you...!

44. When your partner buys a different perfume that triggers your mind.

45. When you have put that tread mill in the basement

46. When you receive anonimous emails and your partner 'doesn't care.'

47. When you want to study or want to go back to school, and he/she says, " I thought that student loan was enough headache..!"

48. When you are a little bit Country and she/he is a little rock and roll...!

49. When your mom finally tells you that, he/she wanted to borrow some money from her.

50. When you are expending over 10 hours a day on HP.


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