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One Year Anniversary Gifts

Updated on January 18, 2015
Happy Anniversary!
Happy Anniversary! | Source

Make your first anniversary one to remember with these great ideas for one year anniversary gifts for you, your partner and your friends.

The traditional first anniversary gift is Paper and the modern one year anniversary gift is a Clock. You might also be surprised to learn that there is a traditional flower (Orange Blossom) and an anniversary gemstone (Gold Jewelry) associated with the first anniversary!

Celebrating your anniversary is essential to a strong and healthy relationship and the exchange of gifts plays a very important part in this celebration.

Choosing the right gift makes all the difference. Most married couples like to pick a gift that reflects their anniversary year, particularly for the special first anniversary gift.

This article on one year anniversary gifts contains some great ideas for gifts made of paper plus an interesting selection of clocks, including anniversary clocks, grandfather clocks, wrist watches and more, that will help you select that perfect first anniversary gift.

Traditional One Year Anniversary Gifts of Paper

Love Letters: Remember how you used to send love letters to each other before you were married? When did you last send one?

Now's your chance to make the perfect first anniversary gift. Pen a new love letter to your partner describing how much you’ve enjoyed your first year of married life and frame it, or put it in an album with some of your old love letters and add your favourite wedding photo!

The Perfect One Year Anniversary Gifts

Flowers are very romantic on any anniversary, but they don't last very long. Here is the perfect solution: flowers that never fade!

Classic Paper Roses are perfect for one year anniversary gifts
Classic Paper Roses are perfect for one year anniversary gifts | Source

JustPaperRoses have created a classic bouquet of red roses made from paper. And, even better, they have made roses from the traditional anniversary 'material' for each future anniversary as well.

So you can start a tradition with paper roses on your first anniversary, then follow it next year with cotton roses on your second anniversary, leather on your third anniversary and so on.

They also have a range of other romantic and fun paper gifts to celebrate your one year wedding anniversary!

30th Anniversary Romantic Getaway
30th Anniversary Romantic Getaway | Source

Paper Tickets:

  • Flights: Buy plane tickets to a surprise destination for a romantic getaway
  • Movies / theatre / concert: Enjoy a night out at the movies or take in that hot new show that everyone is talking about.
  • Lottery tickets: Give yourselves the chance to realize the dream of becoming a millionaire!
  • Sports events: Watch your favourite sports team at home, or travel to an away game and enjoy a romantic getaway together.

Here are some more great ideas for Paper Anniversary Gifts.

Modern One Year Anniversary Gifts: Clocks

Although the traditional anniversary gift for the first wedding anniversary is paper, the modern anniversary gift list assigns Clocks as the one year anniversary gift.

So, if you are looking for something more modern, here are some suggestions for different types of clocks:

  • Anniversary Clocks: These clocks take their name from the fact that they can run for an entire year without being wound. The idea is that they are wound once a year on your wedding anniversary.
  • Mantel clocks: are designed to sit on the mantelpiece over a fire and hence are often the centerpiece of your living space.
  • Grandfather clocks: are freestanding, weight-driven pendulum clocks, typically 6 - 8 feet tall, with the pendulum inside the tower, or longcase of the clock.
  • Cuckoo clocks: are clocks that strike each hour with a sound like a cuckoo and usually have a mechanical cuckoo that pops out with each note.
  • Alarm clocks: are designed to wake you at a preset time with a shrill bell, or series of buzzes.
  • Wall clocks: come in a variety of decorative designs for almost any theme you can imagine
  • Egg timers: are glass tubes filled with sand that moves from the upper chamber to the lower chamber through a small opening in a predetermined time, usually about three minutes, the average time taken to boil an egg.
  • Clock radios: Similar to alarm clocks, clock radios wake you with the sound of the radio.
  • Wrist watches: A watch can make an excellent anniversary gift for men or ladies. Gold or silver watches for those big anniversaries, waterproof watches for the swimmers and divers, or atomic watches for the travellers to keep track across multiple time zones.
  • Outdoor sundials: for gardeners and nature lovers. These outdoor clocks tell the time from the position of the sun's shadow.

Orange Blossom
Orange Blossom | Source

The One Year Anniversary Flower: Orange Blossom

It is believed that the list of Anniversary Flowers was created by florists as wedding anniversaries became a popular gift giving occasion.

The Orange Blossom is the one year anniversary flower. It has been designated as the State flower of Florida and is the flower of the orange fruit tree.

The orange tree is an evergreen that reaches heights of 20-30 feet, It loves the sun and thrives in Florida. The tree flowers in spring, producing white orange blossoms with five waxy petals that have a sweet, fragrant scent. Months later, the tree bears its fruit, which is known as the sweet or navel orange.

The One Year Anniversary GemStone: Gold Jewelry

The Anniversary Stones Gift List has been endorsed by the Jewelers of America and differs from the Traditional and Modern Anniversary Gift Lists in that it only contains gemstones and precious metals.

Gold jewelry has been assigned as the One Year anniversary gift and it comes in all kinds of different designs and styles, including bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, men and women's gold rings and men's cufflinks. A good selection of gold jewelry can be found at

More Wedding Anniversary Gifts!

I hope you found this article on One Year Anniversary Gifts useful.

Still looking? Then here are some of my other articles to help you find that perfect anniversary gift:

And if you're planning a romantic anniversary trip to celebrate your wedding anniversary this year, then here are some great destinations for Romantic Getaways Ideas.

Happy Anniversary!



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