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Online Dating Fears

Updated on July 11, 2013

How to overcome the fear of online dating

Have you tried online dating yet? Many single men and women especially in their 40 + are afraid of joining online dating site. They hear terrible stories about scammers, they read negative comments from unsatisfied users of course after hearing all this I would not want to join a dating site either. But once you test the waters you'll see that there is nothing to be afraid of, moreover there are hundreds of nice people out there just like you, looking for love, dates and relationship.

Have you tried onlne dating site yet?

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The most common fears are:

  1. To meet a crazy person.

  2. To be scammed.

  3. To be deceived.

  4. Wasted time.

  5. Wasted money.

  6. To be hurt.

  7. Not to find a date.

  8. Being rejected.

Are there weirdos in the internet, yes there are weirdos out there, are there weirdos in the street, of course, so what's the point to be afraid of online dating?

Ask yourself how often do you start a conversation with people in the street, or in the shop. Never? Maybe a few times a year?

Does Online Dating Really Work?

Many of single people ask this question. The fact is yes it DOES! Almost everybody know someone who have met each other online, 17% of married couples say they have met their spouse online, isn't it wonderful. Internet dating is a Cupid of nowadays!

The fact is joining a dating site gives you a great opportunity to meet other mature singles who feel the same as you do. Withing a few clicks you'll have access to a numerous database of interesting single people, tens of thousands of like-minded single seeking for friends, date partner, relationship and fun. Who would reject such a fantastic opportunity that modern digital technology offer to our service.

Still not convinced?

Before joining any dating site read safety tips, advice, you'll feel more comfortable after studying them.

You can always start with a free trial period that most sites provide to members.

Once you get started, you’ll realize there was nothing to be afraid of after all!

I want to recite my friends' words who joined online dating site recently here is what she says:

“At my age(49), I wouldn’t think that dating was possible any longer. I have found many single men of my age and I enjoy chatting with them every time we are both online. I also enjoy the occasional flirty messages and winks they send me sometimes. Most of these men are very charming. It must be because they are more mature and experienced. I am quite happy that I overcame my fears of online dating and tried it out myself.. I'm hoping to find a date partner and to enjoy life together.”

Do you believe in further development of relationship which started at online dating site?

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Dating quotes

Internet dating is the fastest, most efficient way to gather a pool of qualified candidates. It could take you a lifetime to do the investigation that the computer comes up with in seconds.


When you're looking for someone, you're looking for some aspect of yourself, even if you don't know it ... What we're searching for is what we lack.


Dating is a numbers game, and online dating has the best odds.


Online dating is just as murky and full of lemons as finding a used car in the classifieds. Once you learn the lingo, it's easier to spot the models with high mileage and no warranty.


Dating is like searching for the perfect wine. One date is too fruity, another too dry, and still another too much bouquet (cologne overdose). But once you find the perfect variety that suits your taste, get drunk.


The urge to connect with others, and to love and be loved, is ageless and universal. No matter what your age, lifestyle, or personality, whether you're seeking a one-night fling, a whirlwind weekend, a summer romance, or a lifetime love, dating is the way to find it!



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    • Beverly Stevens profile image

      Beverly Stevens 3 years ago from College Station

      Well written and helpful. Thanks.

    • AmandaJon profile image

      Amanda Jones 4 years ago

      Thanks Dora, always ready to help.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Very helpful, Amanda. You surely succeeded in removing some of the fear. Your quotes are very encouraging, and you're right about weirdos being everywhere. Thanks!

    • AmandaJon profile image

      Amanda Jones 4 years ago

      Very wise words. Meeting people online gives you opportunity to know the person better before you decide to actually meet in person, there will be less awkwardness between you two, you will be able to enjoy your date instead of trying to make a good impression.

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 4 years ago

      I think it's important to keep things in perspective. Most relationships fail no matter how one meets their mate! If they didn't we'd all be married to our high school sweethearts! :-)

      Having unrealistic expectations also keeps people from enjoying the overall dating process in my opinion. A first date for example is all about seeing if there is enough chemistry to warrant having a second date!

      Instead of enjoying the dinner, movie, play, concert or whatever many people try to determine on the (first date) if they have met their "soul mate". Others are wound up so tight trying to figure out how to (act) in order to impress that they (hate) the dating process. I always advise people to (relax) and be yourself.

      No one is asking you to decide whether to cut the red wire or the blue wire. It's just a date!

      Whether you meet a person online or offline it's important to remember (you) chose that individual out of all the available people to go out with. Whatever the outcome is it's a reflection of (your) "selection process" and not "where" or "how" you met.

    • profile image

      Amanda Jones 4 years ago

      Sorry it didn't work out for you, at least you were brave enough to give it a try, hope you'll find your perfect match.

      Thanks for commenting my hub.

    • Alphadogg16 profile image

      Kevin W 4 years ago from Texas

      Nice hub AmandaJon, I'm in my 40's as well, and have tried the on line dating a couple of times, both experiences were not good, but that doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't work or there's anything to be scared of. That would be an unfair assessment to make from a couple of tries. Just didn't work for me. Thumbs up on your hub though.