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Why Some Men Cheat

Updated on March 12, 2013

His Reasons

Why do some men cheat on their spouses or significant others? Men have different answers regarding questions about their fidelity. Here are some of the top reasons given by a group of men ages 26-44 for their unfaithfulness.

Revenge or payback. This is one of the main reasons given for infidelity. One man stated that because his girlfriend was communicating, by text message, with her ex, he cheated on her for spite. No evidence or proof of her actually cheating was found, he just felt the text messages seemed a bit too friendly. He ended the relationship because they weren't meant to be together, and she never knew about his infidelity.

Lack of physical attraction. Some men need the physical attraction despite how wonderful their woman may be in other ways. Men may stray if they are no longer attracted to the woman in their life, and a good looking woman makes herself available to him.

Jobs that require excessive travel. Time away from home also takes time away from a relationship. absence of companionship and the Lack of companionship and the absence of the physical and emotional aspects of a relationship may cause a person to reach out to someone who is sympathetic to their needs, and available .

Getting married too young. Men who marry at a young age and tie themselves down with families, often feel as if they are "missing out" on something. They begin to regret not having had a chance to meet other women. Long distance relationships due to work or college seldom last, especially when couples have never dated anyone else, start meeting other interesting and appealing people.

Growing apart. One man, when asked about his reasons for cheating said he found that his ex had none of the same drive in life that he did. When they dieted together, he lost a lot of weight, she didn't. She quit her diet plan and got very jealous when people, especially women, commented on his weight loss. Depression and jealousy killed the relationship.

Couples that are constantly fighting may seek out comfort and companionship with another who is sympathetic to their dilemma. It is normal for couples to have disputes over some things, yet constant arguing can lead to infidelity when one person reaches out to someone of the opposite sex to confide in.


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