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Seven Things that Most Men and Husband are Afraid of But Won't Admit it - Women Should Know

Updated on July 28, 2016

Seven Things that Men are Afraid of

You need to know that men are not as brave as you thought. In fact, men have some fears which he hides secretly. Here seven things that most men and husband are afraid of but won’t admit. Women and wife should know this secret and how to deal with it. Men did not admit it because of his ego. Men need recognition from his couple, wife, and family. Women who respect men’s fears made men loves her deeply and honestly.

Seven Things that Men are Afraid of
Seven Things that Men are Afraid of | Source

Men physically have power and stronger than women generally. But behind his strength, man has some fear but did not want to admit or sometimes he did not realize it. Men sometimes look tough from outside but fragile inside. What kinds of men are afraid of? Here seven things that most men and husband are afraid of: higher women career, lost of self-confidence, fear of losing his job, afraid of incapable, afraid of decreasing sexual desire, afraid of asking apologize, and afraid of fertility examine.

Men afraid if Women have Higher Career

Many times men said that he will support his couple career, but what is really said in the bottom of his heart is different. Men will support his couple career, but with condition that did not far beyond his career. Men did not willing that his couple has higher position in office, but also did not willing that his couple has higher income.

Do you afraid of Female Boss?
Do you afraid of Female Boss? | Source

Men being afraid that his girlfriend or wife has higher career, position, and income. This is because his inferior feeling or felt worthless at all if only make income below than his couple. But husband or boyfriend will not tell you the truth. They usually has others reason, example husband will warn that women should prioritized her child cares than has a little bit ambition to catch good position. So what women can do? You should respect your men ego and keep go for your career, girl! But do not talk about it that make him inferior and avoid talking about your pretty salary. Be smart women, don’t you girl?

2. Men afraid of Losing his Self-Confidence

Men generally most afraid of has feeling about incapable of doing something or unable to control situation. For instant, when husband did not able to fulfill his family economical needs, this is a disaster or nightmare for him.

Men afraid of Losing his Self-Confidence
Men afraid of Losing his Self-Confidence | Source

Husband has ego that he need to recognize that he able to generate good income for his family. If he fails to fulfill his family needs, men think that he was failure and weak. In order he did not losing his self-confidence, you need to support many effort he did to fulfill family economical needs.

Maybe it was a little support for you such as smile and thanks, listen to him, etc but your appreciation and support will determine your men will fail or success. Wise man said that behind every success man, there always good women.

3. Men afraid of Losing his Job

Men generally found difficulties to separate himself from his job or career. Men and his job is a kind of two sides of one coin. Losing a job for a man is losing his self pride and identity. Unemployed is disaster for him and many times make him did not know what to do.

Men afraid of Losing his Job
Men afraid of Losing his Job

Above all reason, that is why men prioritized his office or job rather than his promise to company his wife for dinner or shopping, or forgot to pick children up at school, etc. Men did that because he thoughts that as the head of family, his job is major income for his family.

Job is his men first priority. That’s why men so confused if his couple angry with him. This is classical problem in a marriage and children because kids complain about their father who seldom keeps his promise to accompany them at weekend. So, because men mostly orthodox about their job, you and kids should play many trick and be smart to make him joint family activities.

4. Men afraid of being Incapable

It is like a hummer for husband when his wife said that his work is unsatisfied or incapable. Men will think that he is fail and incompetence. Men will thought that if his wife at all said that his work or job is not incapable, others opinion should be worse than it. Negative appreciation from his couple will directly made losing his self-esteem and self-confidence. Even though his couple said a fair critical, but many times men feel it as incapable of himself.

Be honest with your critical, but said it wisely. It is better that firstly you appreciate it, emphasize the part you like, then you can continue to explain which part that maybe need to do more to make it good or excellence. I gave you a clue: if you know how to motivate your little boy when he fail in something, if you know how to motivate them with appreciation and make your little boy become enthusiastic again, then you know how to deal with your husband or your couple. Your husband sometimes is a big boy in your home and you are needed to play mother role for him. Remember, the most deadly critical for men is comes from wife, mother, and sister (women). Be smart with your positive feedback for your couple!

5. Men afraid of Losing His Sexual Desire

Men is very afraid of being losing or decreasing of his sexual arousal. Losing or decreasing sexual desire is disaster or the end of the world for men. Husband thought that without sexual desire, his marriage will found difficult. The fear left by couple began to appear. This fact was exploited by producer of sexual drug to sell many kind of sexual desire drug trigger. Men are biggest consumer of sexual drug.

Men afraid of Losing His Sexual Desire
Men afraid of Losing His Sexual Desire

Men who were unable to satisfy his couple sexually will haunt by feeling of being abandoned by his couple. Men are mostly afraid that his couple will look for sexual satisfaction with another man. This fear made men consume any kind of drugs, in other side drug has side effect. Many men died of overdose because consuming sexual drug. Because men feel ashamed talking about his sexuality problem, it is better that women should start to communicate it carefully. Good communication and mutual understanding is more good starting point for men to understand this problem.

6. Men afraid to Apologize

Men had been taught playing role to lead, protect, and be responsibility since childhood time. In role as leader, men should maintain his authority. In many cases, men especially husband are hard to admit his quilt or mistake because he thought it will weaken his authority as head of family. Men are afraid or hate if consider as a coward or a man who are afraid of his wife. That is why men will arguing and quarrel with his couple because he was hesitating to apologize in advance.

Men afraid to Apologize
Men afraid to Apologize

On the contrary, if his couple made a mistake, he will arguing and made his couple admitted her mistake, and asking her to apologize. If you made a mistake, it is better to apologize rather than arguing. But if men or husband did a mistake or found guilty, it is better you discuss about it in other time when situation was calm and relax. Men shown his regret not by word, but sometimes he change his attitude or do something as a way of apologize. Respect what he did and appreciate it.

7. Men afraid of Fertility Examine

Fertility test is one the men’s fears either before marriage or after marriage. If pregnancy does not occur within a few years of marriage, the man said that his couple is infertile. But if he was asking to do fertility examination or test, he generally refused it.

Men afraid of Fertility Examine
Men afraid of Fertility Examine | Source

You need special approach and only involving both of you. You should know that men is afraid if information about his infertile known by other people. This info is the end of the world for him as if this life is nothing at all. Be patient and convince him that fertility test not to test his fertile or not, but more of it to find solution how to deal with the situation.

It is better that both of you bring this in pray. In many cases, the problem is not worse than men thinking. Make him sure that whatever the result, nothing going to change your love for him. Love is never fails. God bless us!

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    • Emmyboy profile image

      Emmyboy 3 years ago from Nigeria

      I guess there are men and there are men.

      To tell you the truth, I don't think I'm afraid of any of those things you mentioned.

      Why didn't you mention snakes?

      Just kidding...hahaha!

      Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts.