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Someone Is Never As Important To You Until You Loose Them

Updated on October 27, 2010

Do you know what it means to cherish the moment? Weather it be a Friend, a Mate, a Sister, a Brother, a Mother, a Father or another Family member make them important to you. In the moment we never know how important they are to us until we loose them. By whatever means we may loose them. Weather it is by death, or they leave or we wake up one day and can’t understand how we lost contact. No need to cry once they are gone if you cherished the moments when you were together. Ever have those moments when someone is walking out the door or you are on the phone and you must get that last cutting comment in. Why not stop and think and not say it. What if that was the last words you were able to share with that person. That last cutting comment to let them know your side or your inconsiderate feelings wouldn’t seem so important.

Think about how nice it would be if we lived each day of our lives as if it were our last day or the last day of the person we loved. We would have a world filled with caring people who left the nonsense and inconsiderate unnecessary actions alone. If people thought before they spoke or acted; what I am about to do to this person or say to them, would it be as important if I lost them today. More than likely they would not say or do those careless acts.  Cherish the moments you have together.


Check it…

When you wake up Cherish that moment

and thank God for another breath of life;

When you look in my face, Cherish that moment

and thank God that you have the ability to

see me, speak to me and the ability to touch me;

When you have a good friend Cherish the moment

because in the blink of an eye

that special someone can be taken from

this earth; Never waste your

energies on fighting and not speaking

to a loved one, whoever it may be.

Always Cherish the moments you have

together, because when

you turn around and see the hands of time

cannot be turned back, those are

moments lost forever.

Never take for granted what you have

because tomorrow is never promised

So, take time to Cherish every moment.


And with that I bid you all a most wonderful today, tomorrow and forever.  


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