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In-Love Body Language Signals

Updated on May 3, 2011

Love is something many people wonder about. Birds start singing. People become happier. Imaginations start wondering. Hearts beat faster. Adrenaline pumps and faces get more flushed. Music becomes nicer. The dance of love is fun. Dating and dating advice may become more important to you now. You may be asking yourself what signals people show when they are in love.



Here are a few of many signals for couples in love:


Closeness:  When you see a couple real close, and inviting each other into their space, it is an indication that they really are close.




Touching: When you see a couple touch each other frequently, for whatever reason, this is another signal they are in love.  Touching is important, not only for closeness, but for health. It is estimated that women need 20 touches per day to stay healthy, and men need ten. Infants need frequent holding, and touching to stay healthy. Touch is also important in relationships. When a couple in love touches each other, they are keeping each other healthy.



Matching body language: Does the couple kind of match postures, tones and pace of voice? Do they match posture, and also do the same things? Does their body language look alike? Sometimes close friends match each other, but in most other instances, a couple in love will match each other. When people do this, they are saying,” I am like you.”

Eye Contact


Eye Contact: A couple in love will look at each other more, and hold a longer gaze than normal. Eye contact also triggers chemicals in the brain to produce more of a bond. Watch a couple in love, they seem to almost stare at each other sometimes.

For men


For men: The woman that is in love will go out of her way to have a conversation with you. She may talk about little things, or impress you with what she knows. She may give you advice on things. A woman in love is happier, and loves to talk. Talking creates more of a bond for a lady. Verbal communication is good for a couple in love.

For Women


For women: Men will usually go out of their ways to do something good for you. A man in love will express himself in doing things. They may take you out more, do chores for you, and offer to fix things for you. One of the ways a man bonds is by doing things for you.  Doing things together helps create a good bond for the couple in love.

They think about each other a lot


They think about each other a lot in the beginning: Usually, when the birds are singing and the bees are flying, the couple is thinking about each other quite a bit. They think about each other because chemicals that are present in the brain during this stage of love makes them do it. They cannot help it but to think about each other. You will notice that a couple in love smiles more, they are happier, especially in each other’s presence. Watch a couple in love gaze into each other’s eyes, and smile allot.


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All of these signals go past the preening, and attraction body language. These signals are a step up from that. You see, first there is that first impression, next, attraction, after attraction, and sometime into dating, there is falling in love. This is one of the best stages for couples to go through. When you are in love, cherish it. Most of the time, these chemicals produced while falling in love are temporary.  The in love stage will soon turn into true love.


If you think you are in love, or falling in love, take your time. Remember you really are blind in love right now. These feelings are usually going to change. You have to be mature enough to understand this. Sure, it is possible to later fall in and out of love with the same person over years. However, remember that after this stage passes and true love develops. The feel good chemicals disappear, and well you learn to truly love each other for the way you are.  When falling in love, take your time, enjoy this stage, and get to know each other.  You truly can develop a relationship that can last forever. Be true to yourself, and be true to the person you love.



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