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lovers note

Updated on January 29, 2014

Characteristics of true love part2


Love and care

Love and care can be likened unto energy and power. Energy is the capacity or the ability to do work while power is the rate of doing work or energy expended per unit time. Love is a strong feeling, ability and enablement, but care is a way of showing love, care is the practicability of love. Love is the strongest bond and feeling but care is the strongest form of emotion./ when someone says I care, he has already said he love, he’s saying, I love you, I think about you, am concerned and I’ll never forget you.

So then love is perfected in care. When you say I love you, its mere babbling until it is backed up with care.

Care is the engine that drives love , it keeps love going. It keeps it growing, it keeps it glowing. Care ignites the fire of love. It activates the power of love and magnifies love for visibility.

Oh! What a love that exist between a child and a caring mother, a woman and a caring man, it makes the power of love boundless, here the effect of love can cross any barrier, barriers of tribe or language.

love and trust

Love and trust

Love might be a little bit volatile, love might be a radical, ready to attack electrons but one thing that holds love is trust; one thing that makes love last is trust.

Love has an inherent ability to exist forever but he is in its inactive state i.e. a pro-love except it is activated by its activation complex an enzyme called TRUST .

When there is trust, jealousy in love is gone, they are mutually exclusive or better still, inversely proportional, increase in trust leads to a decrease in jealousy and increase in love. Even God who is love says he is a jealous God; Paul the apostle also for his love for the church calls it godly jealousy.

Trust!!! Trust!! Trust! A sense of confidence, he overlooks negative things about his lover that seems real. He believes everything about he hears from him. When distance apart, there is that sense of security that one is there to protect the interest of the other.

He never look into the other direction because his lover has never made him look into that direction, never believe negative things he hears about his lover from people around since he has never seen her do such things. Trust in love brings joy, confidence, happiness, calmness and rest of mind. It cast out every form of fear, anxiety, worry, evil thought. Here is a better way to make love last and strong………Trust .

Love and lust

In know better than anyone and you would agree with me if you wish to, that what most people feel or confirm that is true love is nothing but pure lust. Moving out of the spiritual context now, there is need for me to give a clear disparity as well as similarity between love and lust. Love and lust are both disorders of a portion of the heart (mind). There is no other diagnosis for it other than mind excitation syndrome . Love and lust has the same root which is the heart and both of them are strong desires or form of emotion. Although a thin line exists between both of them yet there is a clear distinction such that, love originates from God and lust originates from the devil and human activities. This therefore means that if you don’t have God (the father of our lord Jesus Christ) it will be difficult for you to find your true love. Both of them have the same diagnosis but here is the most important disparity: lust is an acute disorder , after the completion of its cycle or getting what he needed he disappears therefore its short-lived but love is a chronic disorder in that it has no cure. It last for a life time and if possible through all eternity.


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